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5 Reasons Why People Love To Travel

When I was a kid, I felt that traveling was one of the most exciting parts of the activities with yourself and your family. Together with them you loved with walks, foods and places that are new to you.

We live in our dreams but in the reality, everything is not ideal and it’s not constant.
You realize that living in this life is a long journey not all the times you are happy. You face the different obstacle, trials and difficulties to escape the entire emotions and feelings that you need to relieve.
Some of us we love to see the beauty of our world, the cultural diversity of the human, to educate others, share the things that inspire to you and learned to live of our life and being meaningful despite of the darkness sides, we burden in life.
Traveling is priceless even though this is the one of the most expenditure of the people who loves to do their preferences in life.

Now, here is the 5 reasons why people love to travel.

1. To gain new experience
In travelling we encounter the different places that we chosen or prepare. Exploring and gaining experience is help to us to grow, being independent, to learn something new, self-discovery and self-reflection or soul searching.

2. To live free
Our life is full of baggage of problems and battles that is a reason we go in travel to breath in and out all of these let go all the burdens. In traveling we express ourselves “to be you” and feel young. On the other hands we feel the essence of being free as well we think sometimes to settle on that place or we found our comfortably and peace.

3. To learn culture
In this world the culture is diversity is enlarging because we have different beliefs and nationalities but this is not matter to teach each other the cultures we have. In travelling we encounter the cultures of the place of course we feel the culture shock, that’s why we must prepare and study their kind of living. First, learn their language, second what of their living from foods, clothing etc. Don’t be afraid they also you help to learn and gain new experience to their kind of living.

4. To appreciate the nature
Some of us is the nature lover like we love the green scenery, beach, rainforest, mountains, gardens and so on. It helps to us to reduce our burdens and appreciate the creation of our creator of our life. Also, we are aware on how to take care our mother nature. Now a days, many who are people advocates by promoting the tourism and self-awareness to save our world.

5. To gain memories
Memories is priceless we bring it our own life stories that we share in our family, friends, love ones either in our generations. We love the most the photographs now it is easy to collects images of our travel encounters by using mobile phones and cameras. The platform for of social media we post it in our Instagram or Facebook. Flex our unforgettable experience or highlights in our travel. Engaging also others to explore and sharing the good vibes also the benefits and impact of our life.

Life is short we must gain a beautiful memories and experience not only to our self but to implement the importance and appreciate the creation of our GREAT CREATOR in this world. One of the pillars of education is to live together and we must establish the culture diversity included the indigenous people.



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