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Prepare for an Unforgettable Journey: WOW Summit Dubai 2023, the Epitome of Luxurious Web3 Experience

Dubai, August, 1, 2023 – Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience that transcends limits and propels you into a realm of unmatched grandeur and innovation. Welcome to the World of WEB3 Summit Dubai, widely hailed as the WOW SUMMIT Dubai—the most monumental Blockchain extravaganza in the Middle East. Get ready to be immersed in the epitome of opulence and exclusivity on October 8th and 9th as this remarkable Web3 event of the year unfolds before your eyes. Prepare to embark on a journey curated for the privileged few who dare to dream bigger and reach higher. Following its unparalleled triumphs in Lisbon and Hong Kong, WOW Summit Dubai 2023 emerges as an unstoppable force destined to surpass all expectations. It unites distinguished industry titans, esteemed government officials, visionary funds, enterprising venture capitalists, boundary-pushing NFT and digital artists, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and influential multinational corporations. Against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Dubai, the undisputed Global Capital of Web 3.0 and NFT Marketplace, this extraordinary affair will unfold at the iconic Atlantis the Royal, The Palm—a sanctuary of innovation where dreams transform into reality. The Summit aims to drive the innovative trajectory of Web3, covering cutting-edge trends and innovations in technology. Through carefully selected programs, attendees will explore topics including the Web2 – Web3 transition, CBDC, regulations, asset tokenization, and the social impact and applications of blockchain and DLT technologies for real-life applications. With our discerning selection process, we ensure that only the most eminent leaders from across the globe receive invitations, making WOW Summit Dubai a truly unique experience unlike any other blockchain event held in Dubai to date. Renowned Blockchain visionaries and digital assets leaders, alongside respectful UAE government officials will grace the conference stage, including Eowyn ChenCEO, Trust WalletJoy JohnDirector, Cloud Native and Innovation, EMEA, OracleTalal TabbaaCEO CoinMenaProf. Hoda Alkhzaimi, Director for EMARATSEC & Co-chair of the WEF Global Future CouncilBen CaselinMaskEx SVP & CSO; Scott TielTOKO Founder & CEO of TOKO by DLA PiperSam KatielaFounder & CEO of Mamemo and Chairman of Crypto Valley Partners. The summit will cover a wide range of topics and activities, providing valuable insights into the main NFT use cases, the latest updates on DEFi, DAOs, and dApps, digital asset management companies, global digital assists regulations, and more. Additionally, startup competitions will be held, offering valuable prizes to the winners and a chance to win up to USD 1,000,000 with the MMPro Expert program. Ivan V. Ivanov, global CEO of WOW Summit, said: “Our mission is to organize an exclusive event unlike any other in the landscape of blockchain, web3, and crypto events. Our vision is to create an unparalleled experience, setting us apart from others in the region. We are fully committed to delivering top-notch content, showcasing world-renowned speakers, and forging strategic partnerships that define the cutting edge. To ensure the utmost value for our attendees, we meticulously verify all participants, guaranteeing the finest networking opportunities and the best event experience possible.” WOW Summit Dubai 2023 is an event not to be missed by those seeking to witness the convergence of luxury, innovation, and groundbreaking advancements in Web3. What are you waiting for? Join us now as we redefine the boundaries of what is possible and chart a course towards unprecedented success. -END- About WOW Summit Dubai WOW Summit is a premier global event that takes place in major cities around the world, including Lisbon, Hong Kong, and Dubai. With a focus on go-to-market management and business development relations, WOW Summit fosters collaboration between Government Authorities, Institutionals, VCs, and fintech companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. WOW Summit Dubai is a premier global event that brings together industry leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs from around the world. As a platform for inspiration, empowerment, and business development, WOW Summit drives success in the dynamic landscape of the UAE and beyond. The event covers a wide range of topics, including the Web2 – Web3 transition, CBDC, regulations, asset tokenization, and the social impact and applications of blockchain and DLT technologies. WOW Summit Dubai 2023 will feature an incredible art and NFT area, providing attendees with an immersive experience in the world of digital art and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. The event is hosted by GuyWay, powered by MarketMakingPro, and co-organised by



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