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Philippines, Bringing Together Street Dance and Web3

Manila, Philippines – WSB Asia Collab Fest, a ground-breaking event that merges the worlds of street dance and web3, has officially launched in the Philippines. The festival, which will take place on the 25th March, 2023, at Tanghalang Pasigueño in Pasig City, promises to be an immersive and exciting experience for attendees, featuring street dance competitions, All-Style battles, web3 exhibitor booths, educational panel talks, live music performances and TikTok content collaborations.

The event is the brainchild of Marco Andre Selorio, a leading Filipino-Australian events creator and web3 community builder that has been promoting and championing street dance culture across Australasia for over two decades. WSB Asia Collab Fest is the first event of its kind, as it will feature not only street dance competitions but also showcase the intersection of web3 and hip-hop culture.

One of WSB Asia’s highlights is the street dance competition, which will see the best street dance crews from across the Philippines battle it out for the top prize. The competition is expected to draw a large crowd of dance enthusiasts, as well as provide a platform for emerging dancers to showcase their skills and gain recognition in the dance community. Celebrities expected to attend the event include DJ Loonyo, Mannex Manhattan, SB19’s Felip, X Factor Australia’s Miss Powers, Aldrich Ang, Mastermind, and SB NewGen to name a few. 

The festival will also feature the 2v2 All-Style battles, a dance tournament that encourages dancers to explore and mix different street dance styles to create unique and innovative routines. The All-Style battles will be a highlight of the festival, as they showcase the creativity and versatility of street dancers

But WSB Asia Collab Fest is more than just a dance festival. The event will also showcase the latest innovations in emerging blockchain technology, with exhibitor booths that feature companies and organizations that are leading the way in this space. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in web3 and how they can be applied to street dance culture.

Moreover, WSB Asia Collab Fest will host educational panel talks that will cover a wide range of topics related to web3 technology, NFTs and its application in street dance culture. These panel talks will be led by industry experts and thought leaders, including crypto expert Marvin Favis, DJ Patty Tiu, YGG’s Luis Buenaventura II and Metaverse XYZ’s Kate Hancock, and will provide attendees with valuable insights and knowledge about the convergence of web3 and street dance culture.

Finally, WSB Asia Collab Fest will feature TikTok content collaborations, which will bring together the best street dancers and social media creators to create unique and exciting content that showcases the intersection of street dance culture and social media.

WSB Asia Collab Fest is a bold and innovative event that promises to be a game-changer in the world of street dance and web3. With its unique blend of dance competitions, web3 technology, and content collaborations, the festival is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

WSB Asia Collab Fest is powered by Coinchella, World Supremacy Battlegrounds and official web3 partner YGG.

Community partners Tekkon, Okidoki Social, Warner Music Philippines, WSB Street Club, Nekoin, Surgepay, MAS Music Group, Bitskwela, DVCode, SMMPh, House of Crypto, Level Art, Ark of Dreams, Tetrix, TOMA Music Fest, TU’KA, Filipino Vines Original, Anotoys Collectiverse, Philippine Blockchain Week 2023, Academy of Entrepreneurs, Bullrun Works, Afante Studios, Astro XP, Miss Powers Catwalk Method, w3bmint, Tier One Alliance, Block Tides, JBond, Thames International School, Web3 Cebu, Mindanao Blockchain Association, Blockchain Network PH, Ikigai Superpowers, Filipinas NFT, enspace Cebu, FNC Studios,, Sansiverse, Trilz, IBH Media, The Howdy Studios, FNC Studios, Hello Charlie NFT, Resiklos, NomadFury, Web3 Lounge, Web3 Bacolod, Web3 Dumaguete, Web3 Leyte, Web3 Bohol, The Finance News PH, Hailey’s Expresso, Nara Labs, Project Elemento, Crypto Pinas, Spotted Mananayaw, and DDC  proudly support WSB Asia Collab Fest.     

For more information about WSB Asia Collab Fest, visit the festival’s website at 


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