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Closure For A Beginning

Twelve years have passed. I had the greatest pain that made me into who I am today. Those years I move on and have a new life. She may be the source of my stress, misery, and hurt for the past twelve years. She was the most special person I can’t remove from my life because without her I would not discover my true self.

Now, we have cleared the clouds, accepted our past mistakes, and finally closed the book. As we open a new book of our Friendship in which I had always been in her place they said, forever “Friendzone”. I would rather choose to be her friend forever rather than not be behind her.

Honestly, being in a friend zone is still a risk because once she found someone my part is already done, and make distance and set boundaries so I would not feel the pain and hurt because of respect to any relationship.

This time I will keep my boundaries, guards up whenever I’m near her because I don’t to ruin the friendship that we are about to create. We maybe not social media friends but for us we are here for each other. That’s only thing what’s left from our behind from our past we can salvage, this were we start.

Closure is a privilege when ending a relationship. When closure was given to you the person shows respect and unconditional love to another person.

Thank you for giving this opportunity of endings for a new beginnings!



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