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A Story for Your Readers – Arches Raises $3 Million to Empower MBB, Big 4, and Large-Cap PE Firms in Asia

Arches, a knowledge-sharing platform that just secured an additional $3 million (totaling $5 million) in funding to launch our revolutionary AI-powered “Expert Knowledge Bank.” To democratize expertise on Asia’s markets and beyond, by creating a searchable database of expert interviews (Expert Knowledge Bank), the funding will be used to develop the Expert Knowledge Bank and expand the Arches network globally.

We’re the first mover in Asia to offer this service, similar to Tegus and AlphaSense in the EU and US. Our platform empowers investment and consulting firms – from large-cap PE like Bain Capital to hedge funds, Big4, and MBB – with instant access to a vast network of vetted Asian experts. These experts have been interviewed specifically to provide market insights, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

We’ve evolved beyond a traditional expert network. Arches is now an AI-powered knowledge bank where investors can monitor investments, source deals, and conduct due diligence. This directly addresses the pain points of inconsistent information and limited access to specialized expertise.

Our Expert Knowledge Bank leverages AI to transform expert interviews into a searchable, actionable database.

This story may align with the interests of your audience, especially those focused on investment, technology, business, and startups. It’s a narrative about how AI is disrupting traditional industries and improving investment decision-making in the Asian market.

Arches Raises $3 Million to Democratize Expertise on Asia’s Markets & Beyond

[Image 1] The Expert Knowledge Bank: A Paradigm Shift

Arches, a leading expert knowledge-sharing platform, has secured $3 million in a funding round led by KUSABI, with participation from Visional Inc., SMBC Venture Capital, and angel investors from leading investment firms. This brings the company’s total funding to $5 million.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Arches has rapidly established itself as a trusted bridge between global decision-makers and the nuanced expertise required to navigate Asia’s dynamic markets. The company’s flagship “Expert Matching” service has already connected over 300 clients in 20+ countries with a vast network of over 100,000 vetted experts.

But Arches isn’t stopping there.

The Expert Knowledge Bank: A Paradigm Shift

This new funding round will supercharge the development of the “Expert Knowledge Bank,” a revolutionary platform that transforms expert interviews into a searchable database of actionable insights. Clients gain discounted access to experts in exchange for contributing to this growing knowledge repository, democratizing access to specialized information that was once the exclusive domain of a select few.”

The Expert Knowledge Bank is more than a database; it’s the future of knowledge sharing,” said Hiroki Kato, CEO and Co-founder of Arches. “We’re building a platform where anyone, anywhere, can tap into the collective wisdom of Asia’s brightest minds.”

A Vision for Global Expansion

Arches’ vision extends beyond Asia. The company plans to expand its expert network to include Europe and the United States, solidifying its position as a truly global knowledge-sharing platform. Additionally, Arches will invest in new marketing strategies to reach a broader audience, including corporations and financial institutions seeking a competitive edge in an increasingly complex world.

Investor Confidence

Investors are enthusiastic about Arches’ potential to disrupt and redefine the knowledge-sharing landscape. Yuki Watanabe, Representative Partner at KUSABI, noted, “Arches is not just addressing a market need; they’re creating a new category. We’re excited to be part of their journey as they scale globally.”

The Future of Expertise

With this latest funding round, Arches is poised to unlock a new era of knowledge sharing, where expertise is not a privilege but a powerful resource accessible to all. The company’s one-stop platform, offering expert interviews, research, consulting, and talent placement, is set to become the go-to destination for organizations seeking to harness the power of knowledge to drive growth and innovation.

[Image 2] Expansion of Arches Service Lineup

About Arches

Arches is a global leader in expert knowledge sharing, connecting decision-makers with vetted experts across Asia and beyond. With a mission to “Share knowledge, Empower Asia,” Arches operates in five locations worldwide and offers the innovative “Expert Matching” and “Expert Knowledge Bank” platforms.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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