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VRITIMES Partners with Technophile to Deliver Cutting-Edge Press Release Coverage


Manila, April 8, 2024 – VRITIMES, a leading media company known for its innovative press release distribution services, announced a strategic partnership with Technophile, a rising Philippine tech blog and reviews website. This collaboration aims to widen the dissemination of press releases across various industries, utilizing Technophile’s powerful platform and VRITIMES’s distribution expertise.  

Technophile is a trusted source for Filipinos seeking unfiltered reviews of tech gadgets and insightful information about the latest technological advancements. Through its engaging content and growing readership, Technophile has established itself as a prominent voice within the Philippine tech landscape.

VRITIMES, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive solution for press release creation and distribution. Their user-friendly platform allows companies to craft impactful press releases, distribute them to relevant media outlets like Technophile, and analyze the performance of their campaigns – all in one place.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Technophile,” said Ferry Bayu, Co-Founder and CEO of VRITIMES. “Their commitment to delivering accurate, real-world facts aligns perfectly with VRITIMES’ mission to facilitate a more efficient flow of information. This partnership will provide brands with unparalleled access to a highly engaged audience, allowing them to share their stories and innovations effectively.”

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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