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VRITIMES Launches “Create from a Template” Feature

VRITIMES, renowned for its innovative solutions in press release distribution, is proud to announce the launch of its newest feature, “Create from a Template”. Designed to simplify the process of selecting press release templates for customers, according to the type of press release to be published.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – April 16, 2024 – In a significant move to expand its portfolio and deliver unmatched value to customers, VRITIMES today introduced the “Create from a Template” feature, a feature designed to ease customers in choosing press release templates, according to the type of press release to be published.

“Through rigorous research and development, we have created ‘Create from a Template’ to simplify the process of creating press releases, allowing our customers to focus more on creating quality content that resonates with their audience,” said Ferry Bayu, Co-Founder/CEO of VRITIMES.

Features and Benefits of “Create from a Template”:

Ease of Use – Professionally designed and easily customizable templates allow users to quickly create a press release without starting from scratch.

High-Level Customization – With a variety of templates provided, customers can customize every aspect of their press release according to the specific needs of their brand and message.

Step-by-Step Guide – This feature is equipped with an interactive guide that assists users through the press release creation process, ensuring every important detail is covered.


“Create from a Template” is a response to the growing need for effective and efficient brand communication in a dynamic industry. Built with a user-friendly and flexible approach to ensure that every customer can easily convey their message to the right audience.

To meet the diverse needs and preferences of the target audience, “Create from a Template” is also equipped with advanced personalization options, providing a customized experience that allows brands to truly stand out.

The “Create from a Template” feature is now available on VRITIMES. For more details about “Create from a Template” and its features, visit the VRITIMES website at

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