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VRITIMES Announces Strategic Media Partnership with NET24News

Singapore, April 23 – In a significant move for digital journalism and information distribution, VRITIMES, a pioneering media technology startup known for its innovative press release solutions and media analytics, today announced a new strategic partnership with NET24News, a leading global news network. This collaboration aims to enhance news distribution capabilities and broaden the reach of high-quality journalistic content.

This partnership will combine VRITIMES’s cutting-edge media distribution technology with NET24News’s extensive editorial content and global reach. The primary goal is to create synergies that allow for faster and more accurate news delivery to audiences worldwide, and to open up wider access for the public to diverse perspectives and in-depth analysis.

“We are thrilled to welcome NET24News as our strategic partner,” said Ferry, CEO of VRITIMES. “This partnership is expected to integrate our strengths in media distribution technology with NET24News’s robust editorial resources to significantly enhance the value we offer to our audiences.”

The collaboration between VRITIMES and NET24News is not just set to enrich the content quality available to the public but also to reinforce principles of transparency and speed in digital journalism. By working together, both entities hope to advance the standardization of news and analysis that is more accurate and reliable.

This partnership is also expected to inspire further innovations in the media and journalism landscape, potentially setting a benchmark for successful media collaborations that promote balanced and educational information dissemination.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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