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University of Indonesia and Teduh Join Forces to Revolutionize Student Mental Health

University of Indonesia and Teduh Join Forces to Revolutionize Student Mental Health

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Teduh, a mental health service provider, and the University of Indonesia have joined forces to address the pressing issue of mental health among students. Highlighting the alarming statistic of over 45,000 suicide attempts in Indonesia in 2022, Christian Chonardo, CEO of Teduh, and his co-founders left prestigious careers to tackle the mental health crisis. This partnership reflects their shared commitment to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health and improving access and quality of mental health services for students and academics. With a mission to create a culture of mental health care, starting from specific faculties and expanding throughout the University of Indonesia, this collaboration promises to make a profound impact. It demonstrates a dedication to raising awareness and fostering mental well-being, with a vision of a world free from mental health prejudices.

The Teduh team with representatives from the University of Indonesia

In an extraordinary partnership that’s capturing global attention, mental health has taken center stage. The University of Indonesia and Teduh, a leading mental health service provider, have embarked on a collaborative journey that promises to transform student mental health on a profound scale.

Startling statistics reveal that in 2022, over 45,000 suicide attempts sent shockwaves through Indonesia. This alarming figure sparked an exceptional response from Christian Chonardo, the CEO of Teduh, who left a prestigious career at McKinsey & Company to join forces with co-founders Adrianus Matthew Sukuramsyah and Nicco Parikh. Their unwavering dedication is aimed at tackling the urgent mental health crisis plaguing the nation.

Teduh and the University of Indonesia, both driven by shared core values, are resolute in their mission to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and elevate access to high-quality mental health services for students and academics alike. Their vision extends to a world free of prejudices associated with mental health, one that promotes fairness and inclusivity.

This partnership is not your average collaboration; it’s nothing short of a mental health revolution. Starting with the Faculty of Public Administration and the Faculty of Economics and Business, the partnership intends to permeate every nook and cranny of the University of Indonesia. Their straightforward yet robust objective is to heighten awareness, ignite candid conversations, and nurture a strong culture of mental health care among students and academics.

Adrianus Matthew Sukuramsyah, one of Teduh’s founders and a graduate in Nanotechnology Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada, has shone a light on the stark disparities in mental health awareness and access to resources during his overseas studies. In his view, the situation in Indonesia is a ticking time bomb: “In my opinion, this is an issue waiting to explode. In Indonesia, it is still overlooked despite the evident impact on young people and families. If left unaddressed, it could become a continuing crisis for the nation.”

Now, students at the University of Indonesia are on the cusp of a transformative mental health experience. The University of Indonesia is flinging open the doors to a wealth of resources, granting Teduh access to students, facilities, and faculty support. Thanks to this partnership, students will savor exclusive mental health services like never before.

Together, Teduh and the University of Indonesia are resolute in their commitment to delving deeper into the realm of mental health, dismantling every obstacle, and offering unrivaled access to mental health services for all students and academics at the University of Indonesia. It’s time to bid farewell to the stigmas and usher in a new era of mental well-being. A significant transformation is now in progress!

Teduh is a startup striving to solve Indonesia’s mental health crisis. We provide psychology resources tailored for the Indonesian audience by considering factors such as culture, religion, stigma, and ideology. These resources include online therapy and telemedicine, mindfulness meditation, self-help therapy courses, mood tracker, etc. Teduh seeks to be a one-stop solution for Southeast Asians’ mental health needs through an innovative, sustainable and customer-centric manner.


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