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TV TOKYO Launches New YouTube Channel, Bringing J-Anime and Dramas to Indonesia and Malaysia

TV TOKYO Launches New YouTube Channel, Bringing J-Anime and Dramas to Indonesia and Malaysia

TV TOKYO, one of Japan’s leading terrestrial broadcasters, is excited to announce the launch of its new YouTube channel devoted to Japanese anime and dramas, with Indonesian subtitles created especially for Indonesians and Malaysians. As part of its 60th anniversary celebrations in 2024, this innovative initiative marks a major step in the station’s long history.

TV TOKYO, one of Japan’s leading
terrestrial broadcasting stations, is excited to announce the launch of its new
YouTube channel dedicated to Japanese anime and drama, with Indonesian
subtitles exclusively tailored for the people of Indonesia and Malaysia. As TV TOKYO
celebrates its upcoming 60th anniversary in 2024, this groundbreaking
initiative marks a significant step forward in the station’s rich history.


With a commitment to providing top-notch
entertainment, TV TOKYO’s YouTube channel, TV TOKYO WW @tvtokyoww8950, aims to
cater to the growing demand for Japanese anime and drama content in Indonesia and Malaysia.
By bridging the linguistic gap through Indonesian subtitles, the channel aims
to bring the captivating world of J-anime and drama to Indonesian and Malaysian viewers like
never before.

Expanding steadily month by month, TV TOKYO
WW @tvtokyoww8950 will continuously add new titles and episodes to its lineup,
providing Indonesian and Malaysian audiences with a diverse range of anime and drama
offerings. Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to this vibrant genre, this is
the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Japanese

Here is a small part of its lineup.

When it comes to TV TOKYO, animation is the
name of the game.

First up is My Guardian Characters
is about a girl named Amu who is the envy of the whole school because of her
bossy attitude, but in reality she is shy and lacks self-confidence. This is a
story about a girl who gets a magic egg and transforms herself into whatever
she wants to be.

Squid Girl
is very popular in Japan. The Squid Girl, tired of selfish people polluting the
sea, goes to the extreme and destroys a beach house on land, but she is soon
captured and forced to work as a servant.

In Skip Beat, the protagonist’s
boyfriend, whom she has continued to support, betrays her when he is about to
bud in the entertainment industry. She tries to become an idol herself in order
to take revenge on him.

In Fairy Musketeers, a boy wanders
into a mysterious fairy tale world and, with the help of the righteous Red
Riding Hood, confronts evil incarnate such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

Finally, Tactics is a story about a
traveling folklorist who is an exorcist by trade. With the help of powerful
spirit beings, he unravels the mysteries of numerous psychic phenomena.

In drama, Brave Yoshihiko is a
live-action adventure drama that recreates the world of the popular RPG Dragon
. While a mysterious plague is spreading, an earnest and pure young
man, Yoshihiko (Takayuki Yamada), is chosen as a hero and sets out on a journey
to save his village.

In Care to Listen?, former Nogizaka
group member Marika Ito played the main character, who delivers a podcast with
all her “likes” while eating fascinating chain restaurant gourmet
food that “can be found in every town, nothing special but you can’t help
but want it”.

Toho Cinderella Riko Fukumoto (Rico) stars Escape
From The History Maze
as her first terrestrial serial drama. It is a new
type of sci-fi comedy in which a girly and silly high school girl goes back in
time and solves a code in order to correct a falsified history in the future.
Can they solve the mystery within the time limit? The relationships between the
characters will keep you on the edge of your seat.

TV TOKYO’s late-night entertainment show
with a unique edge Theatre of Darkness will also be shown in part. This
new horror omnibus of short films uses techniques such as photo collage, noise,
and animated images to capture the viewer’s imagination, much like a
picture-story show. The distorted world of this flash animation-like film is
sure to make you addicted to it.

TV TOKYO is thrilled to bring the rich
tapestry of Japanese entertainment to the screens of Indonesian and Malaysian viewers. Don’t
miss out on this incredible opportunity to delve into the enchanting realm of
J-Anime and Drama. Subscribe to TV TOKYO WW @tvtokyoww8950 on YouTube and
embark on an unforgettable journey of storytelling.

Discover TV TOKYO WW @tvtokyoww8950:


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