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Transforming Our Sweat into Smiles: Donating Towels from Our Workouts to My Aged Care【FITOKIO】

FITOKIO is a fitness studio in Bangsar that offers personal training and group classes.
However, we embarked on an unexpected collaboration with an elder care facility.
At the end of February, the staff of FITOKIO visited My Aged Care in PJ Old Town to donate the towels we typically use at our studio.

What began as a simple idea to repurpose our old towels turned out to be a heartwarming experience, as we witnessed the joy and gratitude within our community.

About My Aged Care

My Aged Care is a nursing and retirement home for the elderly, catering to individuals with a range of conditions, from fully mobile to critical cases.

Staffed by dedicated caregivers and in-house doctors, the facility ensures round-the-clock care, even having an ambulance on standby for emergencies.

Residents receive six meals daily, and there are fewer restrictions on their activities, prioritizing their mental well-being. With four branches in total, each home accommodates around 25 residents or patients.


During our visit to the PJ branch, we had the opportunity to meet the residents during their teatime and personally deliver our donated towels.

Interacting with the residents was a touching experience. We shared stories, laughter, and genuine connections, witnessing the impact of our gesture firsthand.


Many expressed gratitude for the simple act of kindness, emphasizing how it brightened their day. My Aged Care’s General Manager, Ms. Lisa, aptly described the facility with three words: Love, Compassion, and Care.

These words epitomize the ethos of My Aged Care, reflecting their unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of the elderly.

Reflecting on our visit, it’s evident that initiatives like this, where communities unite to support one another, hold immense significance.

Our mission

It’s not just about donating; it’s about fostering connections and spreading positivity. As a fitness studio, our mission extends beyond physical health to encompass mental well-being. This initiative allowed us to bring positivity beyond our gym walls, making a meaningful impact on both the recipients and ourselves.


In conclusion, our partnership with My Aged Care underscores the power of collective action and the importance of caring for our community members, particularly those who may be more vulnerable.

We remain committed to seeking out opportunities to make a positive difference and nurture a sense of belonging for all.


My Aged Care:

Ms. Lisa (GM): +60 17-851 7500

Writer: Zoe Horikawa


This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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