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The World’s First* Immersive Theme Park to Open in Odaiba Area Next Spring

The World’s First* Immersive Theme Park to Open in Odaiba Area Next Spring

A new theme park, IMMERSIVE FORT TOKYO, is opening in Tokyo’s Odaiba waterfront next spring. The park spans 30,000 square meters and features 12 immersive attractions, along with 6 shops and restaurants. These attractions allow visitors to be actively involved in story narratives and events, making it the world’s first theme park exclusively focused on immersive experiences within large-scale theaters. Some of the attractions include intense immersive theater experiences, horror experiences, and restaurant shows, offering full-day immersion for visitors.

A new theme park is set to open in Tokyo’s Odaiba waterfront next spring, where visitors can fully immerse themselves in each attraction and become part of the story.

The new facility, named IMMERSIVE FORT TOKYO, will feature 12 immersive attractions, as well as 6 shops and restaurants, all situated on a 30,000 square-meter site previously occupied by the commercial facility Venus Fort. These 12 attractions are designed to offer visitors the opportunity to become integral parts of story narratives and events.

*This will mark the world’s first immersive-themed park to exclusively consist of immersive experiences, all within immersive theaters of this scale.

Some of the attractions you can experience include a super-intense, large-scale immersive theater experience lasting over an hour, a full-fledged horror immersive experience, and an immersive show that unexpectedly unfolds in a restaurant. Visitors can fully immerse themselves throughout the day.


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