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The Effectiveness of Bodywork: How Seitai Enhances Training and Recovery for Better Health

The Effectiveness of Bodywork: How Seitai Enhances Training and Recovery for Better Health

Bodywork, particularly Seitai, can significantly improve one’s health by enhancing flexibility, releasing muscle tension, and promoting balance. It can be done before and after exercise, reducing muscle tension and weariness, and accelerating healing. This can help the body prepare for upcoming workouts and enhance the effectiveness of instruction. It is crucial to maintain relaxed, loose muscles to ensure optimal performance. KAMI’s methods offer numerous health advantages, including improved flexibility, reduced range of motion, and increased effectiveness in training. Overall, bodywork is a valuable tool for overall health.

The best way to improve one’s own health is through bodywork, both in terms of long-term attendance and relaxation. This time, we are concentrating on how the Seitai affects the connections among training, the Seitai, and muscle rubbing.


Exercise and self-care are two things that can have a big impact on the body. To improve flexibility and release tension in the muscles, a bodywork session can come before an exercise session. Physical therapy is used to realign the bones to their natural positions prior to exercise. The range of motion will be limited, the full effect of exercise won’t be felt, and normal movement won’t be possible if the muscles are just relaxed but the bones are not in their original positions. This raises the likelihood of being able to work out more while training. Bodywork can also improve the body’s balance by treating these. Aligning your bones might help you perform exercises with proper form and lower your risk of injury if you have postural problems, muscle imbalances, or a change in your pelvic position. Sessions of bodywork are soothing and can help release tension and stress. You might be able to train more efficiently if you approach your workout with relaxation.

Moreover, Seitai is more beneficial for health conditions when done after training. After working out, getting bodywork can help reduce tension and weariness in the muscles while accelerating healing. The body will benefit from this as it gets ready for the upcoming workout. It might also increase the effectiveness of your instruction. Seitai may help the body heal more rapidly and efficiently by releasing tension in the muscles and joints. It’s critical to maintain relaxed, loose muscles.

There are many health advantages to receiving bodywork, and KAMI’s methods won’t disappoint.


About Credi Malaysia
Founded in February 2023, Credi Malaysia is a body care consulting and advisory company that aims to help everyone lead a culturally healthy life.
With services in Malaysia, Japan and the United States, we have accepted more than 500,000 customers for more than 10 years.
The company operates KAMI, which aims to solve the root cause of symptoms by adjusting the skeleton and muscles with its unique technology,
and enables people to adjust their natural healing power and autonomic nerves. In addition, we are always offering new information and new solutions for health.

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