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Taxumo Extends Crucial Tax Support to Online Sellers Amid BIR’s New Compliance Deadlines

Taxumo is stepping up to offer essential support to online sellers grappling with the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) new tax regulations and extended compliance deadlines.

With BIR’s recent initiatives to formalize tax obligations for online sellers, including the latest extension announced in RMC No. 55-2024, Taxumo aims to simplify the tax compliance process, ensuring that entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses without the added stress of navigating complex tax requirements.

Understanding that tax obligations can be daunting, Taxumo is committed to demystifying the process for online sellers. To this end, Taxumo is offering a free Tax 101 session specifically designed to help online entrepreneurs understand the basics of tax compliance, including how to issue receipts, understand the 1% withholding tax, and determine the most budget-friendly tax rate options for their businesses—whether be it for a Non-VAT or VAT entity, or to go with the 8% or graduated tax rate and which deduction method (OSD, or Itemized) should they use.

Free Tax Education to Empower Entrepreneurs

Taxumo’s free Tax 101 sessions are crafted to equip online sellers with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle their tax obligations confidently. “We understand that many online sellers feel overwhelmed by taxes, and some even hesitate to register their businesses with the BIR,” said Ginger Arboleda, Co-Founder at Taxumo. “Our goal is to remove these barriers by providing clear, straightforward tax guidance that supports the growth and sustainability of online businesses.”

Book Your Free Tax Session Today

Online sellers interested in taking advantage of this free resource can book their Tax 101 session directly through this calendar link here. These informative sessions will cover essential topics such as basic tax principles, proper form filing based on the seller’s tax profile, and strategic planning for tax compliance.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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