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Successful Business Surviving the Pandemic, Turns Out This is the Key!

Successful Business Surviving the Pandemic, Turns Out This is the Key!’s participation at the Indonesia SME Summit and Expo 2023 offers creative solutions that help many companies to increase efficiency in terms of workforce fulfillment.

Founded in 2019, started its journey as a
simple start-up with a team consisting of only three people. By bringing the
innovative idea of combining a job portal with head hunter consultation,
initially this company was quickly accepted as an additional creative solution
in dealing with employment fulfillment problems. However, like most other
companies, when the pandemic occurred, instead of increasing the number of
employees, many client companies actually wanted to reduce the number as a measure
to survive this situation.

This challenge was then faced by by adapting
and changing its business model which gave birth to a new idea, namely an
application platform-based partnership system, plus integrated social community
system management. In this way, clients can flexibly increase or
decrease the number of workers needed according to the situation.

Alexander Ivan Tirta, CEO of said, “This
concept turned out to be effective in providing assistance to companies
affected by the pandemic, especially logistics and warehousing companies which
require a flexible number of workers, when they are busy they ask for a lot of
human resources, and when they are quiet they asked to reduce the number of
human resources”


The HayoKerja booth at the Indonesia SME Summit and Expo
(ISSE) 29-31 August 2023 was widely visited, where CEO Alexander Ivan appeared
as one of the speakers.

After almost 5 years of existence and believing in the
success of its concept, the company took a big step forward. Appearing at the
ISSE 2023 offline event, introduced itself to the public for the
first time.

“We have learned a lot, done a lot of trials and found
solutions for workforce efficiency that really help our clients’ businesses,
especially in difficult times. Initially we limited the number of clients that
could be served, because we realized that this concept was still new and needed
proof by “Now, after almost 5 years of testing, we are now ready to open
the doors to help new clients,” said Ivan.

Throughout its journey since it was founded in 2019, has been recorded as having helped more than 10,000 worker
partners to get jobs and helped 20 companies survive the pandemic with this
concept, from micro to multinational scale.

HayoKerja is a labor supplier with a partnership or daily freelance concept through an application platform and integrated social community management.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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