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Students by Day, Entrepreneurs by Night

Students by Day, Entrepreneurs by Night

Our startup story.

Juggling between school and starting up their own business at the young, ripe age of twenty-one was no easy feat. However, co-founders Joshua Pang(middle), Nicholas Ong(left) and Nicholas Wong(right) saw the need for a change in the way we network, and started the company, Bumpp. As arduous as it may be, since they were new to the world of entrepreneurship, the founders were quick to pick up the ropes, and two years later, it is now safe to say that Bumpp is here to stay.

Bumpp digital name card

Bumpp is more than just a digital business card company; it’s a whole game changer in the world of networking. In the traditional way of networking, people meet at events or functions, then exchange physical business cards for future contact. However, the founders identified a gap – technological advancements have been made for every process in our daily lives except for this. Given that networking is part and parcel of business, there was no particular reason why the process of networking could not be digitalised as well, in fact all the more so imperative to improve it!

To facilitate the shift of networking to the digital era, the 3 co-founders juggled busy schedules, and even took the leap of faith by taking leave from university. Before long, Bumpp was created. The main goal envisioned by the founders is to empower users to continue making genuine connections with the like-minded individuals they meet, but with a much more seamless, efficient process and for Bumpp users to leave an impactful and memorable first impression.

Bumpp Interface

With your digital name card containing all your professional details, interests, and social media links in one place, users can rest assured that they would not have to fumble for their physical cards, or lose valuable connections. 

Recognizing the interconnectedness of South East Asia’s business community, Bumpp also has dual-language support. This allows users to add a secondary translation to their card, which comes in handy when they travel for business. 

Networking is more than just a hello – you have to take notes, send out customised follow-ups, and record new connections in your phone book or lead management software. Bumpp is your pocket networking virtual assistant: you can automatically send out custom follow-ups and seamlessly integrate new leads into your lead management software. You do the networking, while Bumpp does the manual work for you. What more can you ask for?

The Bumpp web-platform can be integrated with your Human Resource Management System (HRMS), saving admins the hassle of menial HR data entry. On top of that, the web-platform allows team managers to easily keep track of their team’s networking process, which is super useful on hectic event days.

Example of Bumpp and how it works

In order to manage their time more efficiently, the founders had to create a feasible product that they themselves would use to improve their lives. It is safe to say now, that they achieved their goal in building (and continuing to build) Bumpp. Aside from the abovementioned exclusive features to enhance the networking process, Bumpp also helps their users practise sustainability.

The use of physical business cards resulted in hundreds of thousands of trees felled, just to maintain the printing process. Imagine the sheer amount of trees that would be saved just by making the switch to using Bumpp!

From the organisation of your own personal and company profile, to team management tools to help teams regardless of size stay organised, Bumpp aims to provide everything you need under one virtual roof. Join our founders on this exciting journey as we transform the way of networking. 

Visit our website to reach out to our friendly team, or to learn more about how we can help you take your professional connections to new heights. Together, let’s make networking simpler, smarter, and more meaningful!

Happy bumpping,

The Bumpp Team

Bumpp was established on 2021.

Lim Zhi Wei

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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