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SECHA HOME: Pioneering Consumer-Centric Innovation in Real Estate

Josephine Petra Lovensa, CEO of Secha Home, has been named “Emerging Woman CEO – Real Estate 2024” by The Women’s Tabloid Award for her innovative approach to home improvement. Her consumer-focused vision eliminates renovation costs, reshaping the real estate industry and setting new standards for quality and value.

Josephine Petra Lovensa, the dynamic CEO of SECHA Home, is making waves in the real estate industry with her visionary focus on consumer ease and comfort. Known for her innovative approach, Josephine has introduced home improvement solutions that remove the burden of additional renovation costs, transforming the way people think about home and property upgrades.

This forward-thinking strategy has earned Josephine the distinguished title of “Emerging Woman CEO – Real Estate 2024” from The Women’s Tabloid Award – The Voice of The Women. This global accolade celebrates her dedication and innovation in real estate, as well as her strong leadership in reshaping perceptions of property buying and provision.

“I am deeply honored by this recognition from The Women’s Tabloid. It is a remarkable acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of the SECHA Home team in creating innovative and affordable property solutions for the people of Indonesia,” Josephine stated.

She emphasized that awards for women in their professional roles are not just about external recognition but also about inspiring future generations. Each accolade a woman receives stands as proof that dreams, hard work, and perseverance can lead to the highest levels of success.

Josephine reaffirmed her deep commitment to the future of the real estate industry, expressing a strong determination to continually push boundaries, drive innovation, and maintain high-quality standards. Her vision is not only about achieving business success but also about delivering significant added value to every SECHA Home customer.

“We are committed to continually pushing boundaries in this industry and providing significant added value to our customers,” she asserted.

Previously, Josephine received the ‘E-Learning Chief Strategy of The Year 2022’ award from CEO Review during her tenure as Chief Strategy Officer at LingoTalk, an ed-tech startup focusing on personalized learning for corporations. These accolades underscore her success as a dynamic and visionary female leader across various industry sectors.

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