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Reputation House Presents AI App for Better Understanding Tourist Behavior in Travel Sector

The new solution features the unique approach of working with tourists feedback by analyzing its tones and sentiments

Reputation House, one of the leading online reputation management agencies, presents a unique platform — Reputation House App — an innovation in understanding target audience and protecting corporate reputations. Using advanced AI-driven technologies, the application helps travel oriented companies deeper understand their customers. 

With 81% of people frequently or always reading reviews before booking a hotel and 66% of travelers planning to spend more time reading reviews about destinations, the new app design by Reputation House serves as an advanced tool for companies aiming to maintain positive public perception and secure customer loyalty.

Today, the Reputation House App stands out for its unique capability to analyze the tones and sentiments surrounding travel brands and destinations mentioned online. It swiftly identifies relevant mentions and comments, categorizing them as positive or negative for efficient data processing.

Dima Raketa, CEO at Reputation House, states ‘We are providing the travel sector with a unique technology focused on saving time and budgets while managing reviews and feedback. 72% of customers will value guest ratings over a hotel’s brand, and we are willing to help companies to manage their online reputation, trust and credibility’. 

While it could take a human manager 4-5 days to analyze 10,000 comments, the app can complete the task in just 3 hours or less. Currently, it accurately identifies 92% of analyzed mentions. The system is continuously learning from user-provided information.

The Reputation House App offers several key features:

1. Real-time monitoring of online conversations and media coverage.

2. Sentiment analysis to assess public perception and detect potential issues.

3. Predictive analytics to foresee emerging reputation risks.

4. Customizable alerts and recommendations for proactive crisis management.

5. Comprehensive reporting and data visualization for actionable insights.

Reputation House App is available in App Store and Google Play.

Reputation House also provides complimentary reputation audits for travel business looking to improve online presence, 

To learn more about Reputation House and its services, visit our website

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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