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Quan Yifong Is Homeless No More!

Quan Yifong Is Homeless No More!

Quan Yi Fong is Homeless No More!

In 2022, many news sites reported that she sold her home and would undoubtedly live from the suitcases in hotels. Fear not loyal fans, everything has changed! It turns out her “homeless” status was only a temporary thing. Now our beloved Yifong has found her new nest, and she’s lovingly opened the doors for a home reveal tour via SIXiDES!

Yifong approached SIXiDES in late 2022 to help search for designers and merchants. Judging from her previous home, we’d think she would be going for something big, spacious and opulent. However, this time round, she has decided to opt for something cosy, a 2 bedder apartment as she wants something easier to maintain. This is reflective of her current work and as her Beijing based daughter, Eleanor Lee seldom returns to Singapore.

Yifong's kitchen with an island table. No room for a dining table, she'd rather have an island and used it as a preparation table and a place for a quick bite.

As one would expect, Yifong’s new home reflects her vivacious persona as well as her daughter’s penchant for art. It’s not a house; it’s a “Yifong & Eleanor Museum,” where each corner whispers a story of their unique journey together. In fact, the moment one enters their home, we will greeted by Eleanor’s collection of toy figurines. According to the mummy, her daughter has a say in the accessorising and dressing up for the home. As opposed to the numerous trophies that the mummy used to put up, whenever there is an opening, now it’ll house Eleanor’s toys and artworks.

Instead of using the trophies as displays, the display niche now houses toy figurines that greets everyone as they enter the home. We are guessing these clay figurines are Mummy Yifong and Eleanor, made by the talented Eleanor herself!

There is also a small section of the wall in the new home where it is dedicated to Eleanor’s collection of her own paintings. We did a little sleuthing, these paintings were painted by Eleanor since young and had followed them from the previous home to the current one.

The same paintings from the old home to the new home.

These art works are not mere decorations; they are the repository of their memories, for both mother and child. 

This would mean that the interior design and planning of the space needs to be cosy, welcoming, fun and easy to maintain for Yifong. As the appointed designer, Benjamin Toh of M2 Decor said, “this is a sleek and modern home with a touch of English vibe.”

The master bedroom is cosy, elegant and minimalistic.In a minimalistic sense, the textures add details to an otherwise simple design.

So fans, rejoic! Quan Yifong is not homeless anymore. She has a fabulous looking new home – a home that is simple, elegant and artistic as well.

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Astley Ng

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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