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ODP and INSPUR Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance IT and Digital Infrastructure in Indonesia

In a strategic move to drive innovation and deliver enhanced value to the people in Indonesia, PT. OCHABAWEZ DINAMIKA PERSADA (ODP), a leader in National IT Solutions & Ecosystem Builder, and INSPUR SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, renowned for its leading data center and cloud computing solutions provider, have announced a new business partnership. This collaboration aims to jointly explore business projects, conduct market research, and establish innovative business models to enhance the country’s digital infrastructure.

Selangor, Malaysia, April 15, 2024 – PT. OCHABAWEZ DINAMIKA PERSADA (ODP), a leading IT solutions provider in Indonesia, and INSPUR SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, an IT conglomerate from China, are proud to announce the signing of a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to propel Indonesia’s digital transformation. This partnership aims to enhance the nation’s IT landscape by combining ODP’s expertise in system integration, e-government, and cybersecurity with INSPUR’s innovative cloud computing, big data, and AI solutions.

Under this comprehensive agreement, both companies will explore collaborative research and development initiatives, share market insights, and develop cutting-edge business models to support Indonesia’s growing digital infrastructure needs. The strategic alliance will focus on joint projects to bolster cybersecurity frameworks, develop digital infrastructure, and ensure that Indonesia remains at the forefront of technological advancements.


Key Highlights:

Joint Development
Both parties will collaborate to research new business projects and share vital information and procedures to unlock the potential of these initiatives.

Market Research and Analysis
ODP and INSPUR will conduct market research to understand the digital infrastructure requirements of Indonesia’s private and governmental sectors.

Technical and Economic Feasibility
The partnership will identify and assess the technical and economic feasibility of potential IT services, business models, and operational strategies to ensure tailored solutions for Indonesia’s unique market.

Strategic Support
INSPUR will provide ODP with essential technical advice, market planning, and resources to optimize the latter’s strategic and sales operations.

Confidentiality and Compliance
Both parties will maintain strict confidentiality of shared information and ensure compliance with international and national laws, including anti-corruption and export control.


Edi Prabowo, Director of ODP, stated, “This collaboration with INSPUR aligns perfectly with our vision to advance Indonesia’s digital infrastructure. By joining forces, we will bring innovative solutions that will transform the IT landscape of our nation.”

INSPUR CEO Zhang Feng emphasized, “Partnering with ODP allows us to extend our expertise into Southeast Asia and participate in the digital transformation initiatives shaping Indonesia.”

This alliance promises to redefine IT services across Indonesia, empowering businesses and governments alike through secure, scalable, and innovative digital infrastructure.

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This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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