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NeuXP and Partner, DRBLEX, Embark on South American Market Expansion, with Mexico as Its Pioneering Launchpad

NeuXP and Partner, DRBLEX, Embark on South American Market Expansion, with Mexico as Its Pioneering Launchpad

NeuXP, a Malaysian fintech company, is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion into the South American market with its Italian strategic partner DRBLEX, marking a significant milestone in their global journey.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- NeuXP Group (“NeuXP”), a fintech company specializing in providing integrated cross-border financial and lifestyle platforms, is excited to announce its expansion into the vibrant and dynamic market of South America, starting with Mexico. This strategic move marks a significant step in its mission to ease the journey of international customers beyond Asia, Europe, and North America, and to support the global needs of individuals, businesses, and lifestyle service providers.

Mexico, with its rapidly growing economy and bustling international trade, presents an excellent opportunity for NeuXP to bring an innovative and comprehensive platform to a new audience. The fintech company is committed to streamlining financial services, providing unparalleled convenience, and enhancing the overall experience for users in Mexico and beyond.

As part of its market expansion initiative, NeuXP will be collaborating with its strategic partner in Italy, Studio Legale DRBLEX (“DRBLEX), a comprehensive global financial legal services provider, to further strengthen their presence in South America. This partnership will allow NeuXP to tap into local expertise, leverage DRBLEX’s extensive network, and tailor their services to meet the unique demands of the South American market.

In addition to the market entry efforts, the Founder and CEO of NeuXP, Dr. Jeremy Mah and Partner at DRBLEX, Prof. Avv. Andrea Borroni, are invited as keynote speakers at the “Business and Direct Foreign Investments Opportunities of the Middle and the Far East in Latin America” conference, taking place from November 7 to 10 in various cities across Mexico, including Zamora, Jacona, La Piedad, Uruapan, and Morelia.

This prestigious conference organized by Universidad del Valle del Atemajac (UNIVA) will be led by Francesco Petrucciano (New Vision University, Georgia) and participated by esteemed organizations such as Coparmex, the Mexican Employers’ Association, CANACO, the national association of the Chambers of Commerce, and CANACINTRA, the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry. The conference is an exceptional opportunity for NeuXP and DRBLEX to share their insights into the evolving financial landscape, explore collaborative opportunities with local businesses and financial institutions, and engage with experts and thought leaders in the South American market.

“Our entry into the South American market is a testament to our commitment in expanding our reach and making financial and lifestyle services more accessible and seamless for customers worldwide. We are excited to work with local partners, collaborate with industry leaders, and contribute to the economic growth and development of the region”, stated Dr. Jeremy, the Founder and CEO of NeuXP.

For more information about NeuXP and its mission to simplify cross-border financial and lifestyle management, please visit or send email to

About NeuXP
NeuXP is a provider of an integrated platform that offers comprehensive financial and lifestyle services with flexible, accessible and simple user experience. Extending beyond what’s normally made available by other providers in Europe, North America, Asia and beyond, NeuXP offers a comprehensive financial and lifestyle services ecosystem that eases the journey of its users beyond borders.
Its all-in-one financial and lifestyle platform is also designed for businesses to seamlessly transition into the digital world while gaining access to a wide range of global financial and business services. To find out more, visit

About Studio Legale DRBLEX
DRBLEX, a law firm founded in1976, provides comprehensive legal institutional support to the venturers and the entrepreneurs investing beyond the national borders. Guided by the tenets of responsive service and effective solutions, DRBLEX presents its clients with extensive international expertise, advising on multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes; and, notwithstanding established links with overseas players, entities, and institutions. Visit for more information about the firm.


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