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Neutura Unveils Angel Funding for Two New Biochar Projects at COP28

Dubai, UAE, 8/12/2023 – Neutura, a new carbon removal company based in Southeast Asia, announces angel funding for two new biochar projects. This initiative is a significant leap forward in combating climate change by converting agricultural waste into valuable resources.

Neutura’s Co-Founder: Alif (Right), Glory (left)

Neutura is embarking on a mission to redefine the narrative around carbon removal projects often seen as capital-intensive endeavors, and is set to launch two innovative projects in 2024. These projects, targeting Southeast Asia and Southern Europe, are not just about reducing emissions but are a holistic approach towards responsible waste management.

The core of these projects lies in utilizing vegetation and biomass from the agricultural industry to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, optimizing the use of the plants in factories, and transforming unused waste into biochar and wood vinegar. “We see agricultural waste not as a problem but as a potent solution,” explains Laksamana Sakti (Alif), Co-Founder of Neutura. “By converting this waste into biochar, we are tackling multiple challenges–reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil health, and creating sustainable farming practices.”

Biochar, a high-carbon form of charcoal produced through the process of pyrolysis, is an exceptional material. Its ability to enhance soil fertility is just the beginning. “Biochar holds immense potential,” says Alif. “It improves water retention and soil structure, leading to healthier crop growth and reduced reliance on chemical fertilizers. This is a game-changer for sustainable agriculture.”


However, the benefits of Neutura’s biochar extend beyond the fields. The material also finds applications in other industries, such as metallurgy and cement, contributing to enhanced material properties and a reduced environmental footprint. “Our vision is to see biochar integrated into various industries, each benefiting from its unique properties while contributing to a greener planet,” adds Alif.

In parallel, wood vinegar, another byproduct of this process, emerges as a natural pesticide and fertilizer. “Wood vinegar is an organic solution for plant care,” notes Alif. “It’s effective, eco-friendly, and aligns perfectly with our vision of a sustainable future in agriculture.”

Sequestering biochar for agriculture use

The underlying technology, specialized pyrolysis equipment, is designed to be energy-efficient and fully integrated with factories and mills. “We’re investing in technology that not only supports the streamlined operations of our projects but also sets a new benchmark in low-emission processes,” Alif states.

These projects are built on a robust, scalable business model. Neutura aims for long-term profitability by leveraging biochar sales and generating carbon removal credits. “Our business model reflects our commitment to sustainability and profitability,” says Alif. With these projects, Neutura is not only addressing environmental issues but is also paving the way for a more sustainable, profitable future for the climate and agriculture industry.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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