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Meet LUV, VCKY, a culinary love affair and ode to cravings this Valentine’s Day

She’s passionate, she’s trendy, she’s comforting, she’s addicting. 

A foodie and wanderlust by heart, this Filipina is bursting with love, life, and adventure. She travels the world in search of the finest cuisines. From savory delights to sweet indulgences, her culinary exploration transports you to every melting pot in the world–no passport needed.

Meet LUV, VCKY–the next brand in the Philippine F&B set to bring the world’s fusion of cuisines back home to excite the local Filipino palette.

From the creators of Victoria Bites and Kim King’s Kitchen, Luv, Vcky redefines indulgence with a meticulously crafted menu offering. Inspired by diverse cultures and flavors from her travels, Vcky promises to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings the right way–no seed oils, no iodized salt.

“We create from the heart, using only the good stuff. No shortcuts, no compromises. Just pure love in every bite,” says Kim King, the visionary behind Luv, Vcky.

Classic Red Velvet Cake

She’s the queen of all hearts this Valentine’s Day–and the queen of all layered cakes.

Tall, dramatic, and covered in silky cream cheese frosting, the 9-inch, 3-layer Classic Red Velvet Cake is regal in every bite. Taste the decadent blend of buttery goodness, the warm embrace of vanilla, and the subtle allure of cocoa, all melting in your mouth with a delightful tang from buttermilk.

Devour this cake in a marriage of flavors, turning each slice into a celebration of love for only 1,900 PHP.


Luv Pie

Share the love for yourself, your family and friends with the Luv Pie.

This 9-inch beauty is a perfect blend of velvety homemade peanut butter and strawberry tomato jam, all encased within a golden, flaky crust. 

The rich, nutty texture of peanut butter dances on your palate, while the strawberry tomato jam adds a burst of vibrant sweetness, creating a delightful contrast. The golden flaky crust, crispy and buttery, provides the perfect canvas for this symphony of flavors to unfold.

If you’re craving an elevated taste of peanut butter and jelly, the Luv Pie takes you to a different experience of the classic sandwich for 2,000 PHP.


Fall in luv with every bite

Transform your Valentine’s celebration into an unforgettable affair with Luv, Vcky’s exquisite creations. From the majestic Classic Red Velvet Cake to the enchanting Luv Pie, their offerings are more than desserts—they’re love stories crafted with passion and precision.


Explore the world with Vcky, one bite at a time, and experience a new culinary adventure with their upcoming lineup of thematic food including burgers and savory delights. 

Give in to the temptation, because when it comes to matters of the heart, every bite should be a love note. 



Let the taste of love linger on your lips and place your order now at or contact +639999911351 on Viber/WhatsApp. Follow @weluvvcky and join Vcky in discovering new cuisines!

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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