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Meet DIRI – Your New Edutainment Obsession!

Introducing DIRI, an edutainment streaming service that sets to transform learning and development, and it’s available for corporates. With their Limited Early Adopter Package, employers can secure corporate licences.

Introducing DIRI, an edutainment streaming service that sets to transform learning and development

A significant shift in Malaysia’s educational landscape takes place as DIRI, a pioneering edutainment streaming service. Unveiling its approach to Resonance Learning, DIRI combines education and entertainment in a unique blend, poised to redefine traditional education and corporate training. This innovative platform is designed to captivate and educate Malaysians through engaging content from some of the nation’s foremost experts, inviting them to learn from and interact with the brightest minds in the country.

The platform features an impressive array of mentors, including Tan Sri Nazir Razak, former CEO and Chairman of CIMB Group; Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, Chairman of Bursa Malaysia; Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes, a notable figure in aviation; Dato’ Hamidah Naziadin, former Group Chief People Officer of CIMB Group; Malaysia’s first astrophysicist Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Mazlan binti Othman; and Datuk Nicol David, an eight-time women’s world squash champion. These mentors share valuable insights on leadership, communication, mindset, innovation, and more through immersive, high-definition cinematic videos.

Sheng Wong, the founder of DIRI, was driven by the goal to make learning more engaging and effective, primarily through the power of storytelling. Sheng identified a gap in the market, particularly during his time in a digital marketing agency, where off-the-shelf courses often fell short of the unique demands of his agency. Transitioning from a concept-driven approach to one that incorporated real-life experiences into his teaching at his agency. Sheng shares, “I realised the true impact of storytelling in learning when I began sharing real-life problem-solving experiences with my clients. It was me, in a chair, a story, and an audience that connected with me. That’s when I truly grasped the power of a good story to connect, resonate, inspire, and engage with learners.”

This realisation led to the creation of DIRI, which is grounded in DIRI’s four core principles:
1. Resonate first, then teach
2. Teach life lessons that stick
3. Education that is entertaining
4. Providing access to the very best in the nation

DIRI offers a broad spectrum of topics, from Leadership to Innovation, catering to various learning needs. It combines educational content with high-quality production, creating an enjoyable learning experience. Designed for flexibility, DIRI’s courses are accessible on both desktop and mobile, in full-length or bite-sized lessons, catering to diverse learning preferences.

Tunku Ali Redhauddin bin Tuanku Muhriz, co-founder of DIRI, brings his diverse experience from across various sectors, including private equity, education, and public service. He views DIRI as more than a learning platform; it’s a movement to equip Malaysians with crucial life, leadership, and management skills, beyond academic achievements, as he emphasised in his opening address, “DIRI is not just a platform; it is a movement. A movement dedicated to equipping Malaysians, from high-potential performers to executives, first-time job seekers, and even the underprivileged, with more than academic excellence. We aim to foster life, leadership, and management skills that complements conventional learning.” Tunku Ali’s vision aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of modern learners.

As DIRI debuts in Malaysia, we aim to make learning not only informative but also stimulating and engaging. At the heart of DIRI is a community where Malaysians can share their stories and perspectives, fostering a new generation of skilled individuals. DIRI’s vision is to eventually provide every Malaysian with the opportunity to learn from the best, offering a mentorship experience that was previously inaccessible. This platform harnesses the power of storytelling to create a more relatable, impactful, and enduring learning experience, led by some of Malaysia’s most esteemed figures.


DIRI is transforming corporate learning, and it’s available for corporates. With their Limited Early Adopter Package, employers can secure corporate licences. This exclusive offer provides access to DIRI’s premium library of courses, empowering your team with valuable skills and insights. Plus, DIRI for Business is fully HRDC claimable, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to invest in the development of their workforce.

Transform your team with DIRI and lead the way in the evolving corporate world. Visit today and shape the future of corporate learning with DIRI. 

Discover more about DIRI for Business by watching the trailer on DIRI’s YouTube channel, which highlights the product features, topic range, and upcoming courses.


Watch the replay of the Unveiling of DIRI on YouTube.


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