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Life is good with a credit card. With a BDO Credit Card, even better.

Life is good with a credit card. With a BDO Credit Card, even better.

Do you find it such a hassle to always carry cash wherever you go? Have you experienced wanting to reward yourself with the bag you’ve always dreamed of (and it’s on sale now!) but found out that you didn’t carry enough cash? Do you want to join your friends or family on an overseas trip but need to purchase a plane ticket online? Fret not, your credit card will save the day! 

Credit cards offer a world of benefit and good, especially if you get the right one and use it responsibly. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, so you could travel, dine, and shop anywhere in the world without having to carry wads of cash, making the experience easy and convenient. When you have a credit card, chances are, you will be in for an array of amazing rewards, discounts, and deals.  


Even with the numerous benefits of having one, there are some people who remain intimidated about applying for a credit card, wary of the high interest rates. It is important to know, however, that using your card sensibly and paying on time are keys to enjoying this financial tool and relishing its advantages. It is best to get the right card that suits your lifestyle and using it responsibly can potentially make your life easier and improve it for the better. 

Having a credit card means that you can typically gain access to exclusive discounts or benefits, receive rewards, and earn points which could be redeemed for travel, dining, or cash equivalent for daily purchases. Credit cards also offer substantial cashback rewards for purchases made at supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, and with other merchants, including airlines and partner restaurants that have special discounts and seasonal promos you can enjoy with your loved ones.  

  A credit card is an extension of your spending capacity. It enhances your purchasing power especially in securing products and services – from your everyday needs, such as gas, groceries, coffee, and medicines, to high ticket items such as a treating your family to a staycation or vacation, finally getting that gadget you have wanted for so long, front row concert tickets to your favorite band, upgrading your home appliances, or buying your loved one a jewelry for that important milestone.  


  Depending on your choice and lifestyle, credit cards offer entertainment treats, privileges and seasonal dining promos, free travel insurance coverage, cashback on overseas shopping, and the ability to buy now and pay later, to name a few. There are various incentives, too, including travel benefits, hotel and restaurant discounts, travel perks (such as the privilege of relaxing in posh airline lounges) to make your trips stylish, more exciting, and twice the fun! Online shopping? Credit cards assure you of a more protected and seamless e-commerce purchase with features like encryption, multifactor authentication, and fraud monitoring.

A credit card from BDO, one of the leading banks in the Philippines, for instance, offers year round deals and exclusive dining deals of up to 50% off, Buy Now, Pay Later options, and 0% interest on big ticket purchases, lets you earn Peso Rewards and more.  

There is no perfect time than now to own at least one BDO Credit Card! When you apply for a  BDO Credit Card you can get up to P25,000 cashback credit when you meet the minimum spend  requirement. Promo runs until October 31, 2023. Qualified cards are Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay, and Diners Club, and  BDO-issued American Express. Terms and conditions apply.

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