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Launching The Streaming Platform of Education: Mapúa X’s Impact on Lifelong Learning

Education across the world has been democratized exponentially over the years. With the dawn of the Information Age and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s not hard to see why. Students now have access to millions of Youtube videos, short courses, and other tools that were otherwise inaccessible without the internet.

Yet another challenge presents itself with such democratization. Given the influx of information online partnered with course curriculums offered in universities, students face bombardment and the inability to filter out all this information into relevant knowledge that lead to measurable skills and competencies applicable to real-world jobs and workplaces.

Not only that. Students, with their diverse learning styles, interests, and career aspirations, are hard pressed to find a learning program or platform that is hyper-personalized to address their educational needs. 

“In the era of digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, workplaces are searching for agile, entrepreneurial professionals who can quickly adapt and pivot in a very competitive and dynamic economy,” says Mapúa University President Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo. “To meet that demand, we had to move beyond traditional learning methods and adopt new approaches that will better prepare students for these volatile work environments.”

Flexible and inclusive learning

Apart from diverse learning styles and educational goals, students in the Philippines also face other impediments to higher education. A universal story for many is their lack of financial means, geographical challenges, and limited access to technology that pushes them to stop pursuing their college education.

This is the prime inspiration for creating Mapúa X.

An innovative online learning marketplace, Mapúa X is rooted in a vision to expand access to quality education and meet the evolving needs of learners in the modern world. This initiative also reflects a broader trend in higher education many universities are responding to.

“The education system must prioritize flexibility, inclusivity, and alignment with various industry demands,” Maestrecampo explains. ‘Our goal is not only to provide learners from diverse backgrounds with access to education but also to ensure their success by acquiring competencies and skills that are highly sought after in the global job market. To accomplish this, we require a platform that enables learning beyond the constraints of traditional campus-based programs.”

Just like streaming movies

Imagine a video streaming platform, but instead of movies, you’re immersing yourself in interactive courses, programs, microcredentials, and training. 

Mapúa X, described as a catalog or streaming platform for education, brings a fresh and innovative approach to learning, mirroring the ease of access and variety we’ve come to expect from streaming services.

From technology and engineering to business and creative arts, the platform offers a diverse selection of educational content. This includes interactive and multimedia-rich courses with video lectures, interactive simulations, and real-time feedback which all make the learning process more engaging and effective compared to traditional text-based content.

Building such a platform involves Mapúa University’s partnership with Anthology, an education technology company with a suite of solutions for higher education institutions. Anthology provides a comprehensive ecosystem of tech solutions designed to enhance learning experiences, streamline administrative processes, and ensure educational content is engaging and effective like Mapúa X.

“Through Anthology’s LMS, we’re able to make Mapúa X user-friendly while delivering high-quality educational content,” Samuel Tang, Anthology’s Country Manager for the Philippines, says. “Students can now easily navigate their courses, access resources, submit assignments, and talk to their professors throughout their individualized learning journeys.”

For the love of learning

From traditional students to lifelong learners, Mapúa X is created not just to serve as a digital commonplace within campus but to be every student’s go-to streaming platform for learning beyond university.

“Our collaboration with Anthology allows us to use a training and development manager (TDM) approach built within a robust LMS platform,” Maestrecampo explains. “This means Mapúa X will enable you to continue your education, professional development, and community enrichment without enrolling on campus. You can self-enroll in courses, earn credentials, and access all your previous, present, and future courses from anywhere at any time.”

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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