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Lalamove Delivers Care to Rescued Pets by ‘Making a Pawfect Move’ Across the Globe

Lalamove, the leading on-demand delivery platform, is encouraging Lalamove users in Asia and Latin America to ‘Make a Pawfect Move’, by spreading the love for animals in need. In Malaysia, Lalamove partners with My Pets Haven, an animal shelter that rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for stray dogs, granting them a renewed chance for a better life.

Through the “Make a Pawfect Move” campaign, an extension of Lalamove’s Deliver Care initiative, the company aims to better the lives of abandoned animals at MyPetsHaven with donations, while also helping to support their shelter ‘paw-rents’ who pour their heart into keeping the group running. As My Pets Haven faced the daunting challenge of an eviction, they found themselves in dire need of both financial contributions and assistance from the public. 


These crucial resources are vital for realizing their dream of establishing a new shelter that will serve as a secure and loving haven for countless animals in need.

Users can send their love to furry friends in need by registering as members of  Lalamove Rewards and accumulating LalaPoints with every completed order. With a minimum of 750 LalaPoints, RM3 will be donated to MyPetsHaven, helping the pets to live more nourishing lives. Every cent will be contributed to their daily meals, shelter renovations, daily essentials and medications. 

To further strengthen the support for My Pets Haven, Lalamove is also proud to announce an exclusive 30% discount on its delivery services, providing an efficient and cost-effective means for individuals to transport their donations. Whether it’s nourishing kibbles, essential cages, or carriers, these items are all crucial to enhancing the well-being of the cherished pets residing at My Pets Haven.

Lalamove has also extended a warm invitation to its valued business users to join in this noble cause. Prominent online pet food businesses, such as Furry Times, have already stepped up, generously donating an array of handcrafted treats, while Boksicle has contributed a generous supply of pet popsicles, ensuring the dogs at My Pets Haven have the chance to enjoy some delightful treats.

Lalamove and its valued business users generously contributed kibbles to benefit the rescued pets at My Pets Haven.

“In Malaysia, there are more surrendered and abandoned animals than adoptions. Thousands of stray dogs live in the open without receiving proper homes and safety. Therefore, we believe that animal rescue groups shouldn’t be the sole caretakers of strays. We should collaborate with stray animal feeders and rescuers to support those pets who might need help.

“We aim to play our part by providing support to pet shelters like My Pets Haven to sustain their operations and ensure the well-being and safety of their beloved dogs. As Lalamove is synonymous with delivering daily essentials, we also encourage our users to leverage our services to extend a helping hand, whether by donating or delivering pet essentials to the shelters.”

“This initiative also opens up a world of possibilities for many dogs at My Pets Haven to find their forever homes and lifelong companions,” said Jane Teh, Managing Director of Lalamove Malaysia.

Aileen Lee Sor Geok, the founder at MyPetsHaven also remarked, “We are thankful and excited to partner with Lalamove for this donation campaign. With Lalamove’s support, we will be more equipped with essential resources and supplies to improve the living conditions and medical needs of our rescued pets, allowing them to receive utmost care while they await adoption.”

Before finding their forever homes, the rescued animals at My Pets Haven are given shelter and care, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Joining hands with pet lovers, Lalamove encourages everyone to join the cause and spread the word to paws-itively donate their Lalapoints to create a tail-wagging, paw-fect world for furry companions. 

For more information, simply visit the official page of Lalamove’s Make A Pawfect Move campaign.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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