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Kanada-Ya: Four Years of Delicious Ramen, Community Commitment, and Media Recognition in Singapore

Kanada-Ya: Four Years of Delicious Ramen, Community Commitment, and Media Recognition in Singapore

Kanada-Ya, a renowned ramen chain, celebrates its four-year anniversary in Singapore with five thriving outlets. Since 2019, they’ve offered their acclaimed Tonkotsu ramen, earning a devoted following. Despite pandemic challenges, Kanada-Ya adapted, emphasizing safety measures and expanding delivery and takeout services. Committed to community engagement, they volunteer with organizations like the Lions Club and Methodist Welfare Services. Collaborating with social media influencers and garnering recognition from respected outlets like SethLui and The Smart Local, Kanada-Ya has become a culinary gem. They continue their mission to deliver exceptional ramen experiences while giving back to the community.

Kanada-Ya, a renowned name in the world of ramen, is celebrating its four-year anniversary in Singapore with pride and gratitude. Since its inception in 2019, the restaurant chain has successfully established five outlets across the island, solidifying its presence in the hearts and palates of Singaporean food enthusiasts.

A Journey of Growth and Resilience

#03-30, PLQ, Mall

Kanada-Ya embarked on its Singaporean journey four years ago, setting up its first outlet in PLQ Mall. Since then, the brand has continued to flourish, expanding its footprint to Marina Square, Paragon, Century Square, and Jem. Each outlet has been meticulously designed to create an authentic Japanese ramen dining experience, complete with its signature Tonkotsu ramen – a rich and flavourful broth that has garnered a devoted following.

Overcoming Obstacles Amidst a Global Pandemic

The past three years have presented unprecedented challenges to the F&B industry, and Kanada-Ya was not immune. However, the brand’s commitment to serving quality ramen remained unwavering. Kanada-Ya adapted swiftly to the changing landscape, implementing strict safety measures to protect both its customers and staff. The restaurant introduced and focused on delivery and takeout services, ensuring that ramen lovers could continue to savour their favourite dishes from the comfort of their homes.

Giving Back to the Community


Beyond serving delectable ramen, Kanada-Ya is deeply committed to giving back to the Singapore community. The restaurant has actively engaged in volunteering services with the Lions Club and Methodist Welfare Services, contributing to various charitable initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on society. Kanada-Ya believes that nurturing strong communities goes hand-in-hand with serving great food.


Spreading Brand Awareness through Social Media Influencers and Media Recognition

Kanada-Ya has embraced the digital age by collaborating with popular social media influencers. These partnerships have allowed the brand to reach a wider audience, introducing more people to the extraordinary flavours of its ramen offerings. By harnessing the power of social media, Kanada-Ya has become a household name among food enthusiasts and ramen aficionados in Singapore.


In addition to its digital presence, Kanada-Ya is honoured to have been featured in articles by reputable media outlets such as Sethlui,, Daniel Food Diary, and The Smart Local. These accolades highlight the exceptional quality and popularity of Kanada-Ya’s ramen, further cementing its status as a culinary gem in Singapore.

As Kanada-Ya celebrates its four-year anniversary in Singapore, the brand continues to demonstrate resilience, community engagement, and a commitment to delivering exceptional ramen experiences. With five outlets across the island and recognition from esteemed media outlets, Kanada-Ya looks forward to delighting customers with its renowned Tonkotsu ramen for years to come.

Kanada-ya is a celebrated ramen restaurant brand that has been serving authentic Japanese Tonkotsu ramen for over four years in Singapore. With five strategically located outlets, Kanada-ya has become a beloved destination for ramen lovers, known for its rich and flavorful broth, handcrafted noodles, and commitment to community engagement.
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