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KAMI Japanese Body Therapy’s New Bangsar Store: A Unique Fitness and Wellness Collaboration

KAMI Japanese Body Therapy’s New Bangsar Store: A Unique Fitness and Wellness Collaboration

KAMI Japanese Body Therapy has opened a second store in Bangsar, partnering with FITOKIO, a fitness center in KL. The store offers bodywork and training services, including pre- and post-training sessions to relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility, and improve balance. Bodywork sessions are relaxing and can reduce tension and stress, allowing for more effective training. Post-training, Seitai, or bodywork, can also help relieve muscle fatigue and promote recovery, preparing the body for the next session..

KAMI Japanese Body Therapy opened a second store in Bangsar in September. This store is different from the KLCC store; it is a collaboration with FITOKIO, which runs a fitness centre in KL. A significant advantage is that KAMI is located within the FITOKIO facilities; by having your body cared for at KAMI before and after training, you can exercise in the best possible condition and complete your body care afterwards, all in one location.

Training and body care can have a huge effect on the body.To relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility, a bodywork session can be performed prior to a fitness session. This increases the chances of being able to exercise more during training. Bodywork can also help improve the body’s balance. If you have muscle imbalances or postural issues, aligning them can help you perform exercises with proper form and reduce your risk of injury.Bodywork sessions are relaxing and may aid in the reduction of tension and stress. Starting your workout in a relaxed state may allow you to train more effectively.

Furthermore, doing Seitai after training is more effective for health conditions. Receiving bodywork after a workout can help relieve muscle fatigue and tension while also promoting recovery. This will help the body prepare for the next training session. It may also improve the efficiency of your training. Seitai may relieve muscle and joint restrictions, allowing the body to recover more quickly and effectively. The pre-opening on September 1–9th attracted a large number of visitors, and the promotion is still running until end of October exclusively for new customers.

KAMI Japanese Body Therapy Bangsar store 

Opening Hour: Friday to Wednesday (closed on Thursday) 10 am–8 pm 

Address: Level 4 inside Fitokio, Bangsaria, 45E Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

About Credi Malaysia
Founded in February 2023, Credi Malaysia is a body care consulting and advisory company that aims to help everyone lead a culturally healthy life.
With services in Malaysia, Japan and the United States, we have accepted more than 500,000 customers for more than 10 years.
The company operates KAMI, which aims to solve the root cause of symptoms by adjusting the skeleton and muscles with its unique technology,
and enables people to adjust their natural healing power and autonomic nerves. In addition, we are always offering new information and new solutions for health.

Toshinori Murakami
Tel: +60 11 1205 8754

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