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Introducing Hokantan’s Next-Gen Flexible Model, the ‘Hiring Cost-Saver’ for Businesses

While flexibility in the working landscape is progressing, the new Hokantan hiring model is catching up. Businesses now get to hire just once while switching any of the skill sets they need to reach projects’ goals.

SINGAPORE, 29 Feb 2024 – The future of hiring developers for businesses in Singapore is here, as Hokantan introduces its first flexible developers’ hiring, aiming to boost the productivity of businesses looking to dynamically scale their technology teams and accelerate innovation with unmatched speed.


Pioneered by its innovative hiring solutions compared to the inflexible traditional hiring practices, engaging with Hokantan now means that businesses can secure a single slot to access a suite of qualified and managed developers with different skill sets.

Comparison between traditional hiring vs Hokantan's new model.

Designed to ramp up the productivity of any business looking to thrive in the new-age industry, here are some things you need to know about Hokantan’s new ‘flexible developers’ model:

• Customers can easily hire once and change developers for a different skill set at any time, according to their projects’ progress, without additional costs.

• All developers are managed and monitored in-house by Hokantan. You can assemble your new team without slowing down your existing team with the added responsibilities of tedious onboarding and training.

• Businesses can experience the new flexible hiring model with a 5-day free trial run. Dive into its benefits and if it’s not suitable, cancel without any questions, ensuring you a risk-free exploration.

• Exclusive only to businesses registered in Singapore.

“We come into the market to transform how businesses build their tech teams,” said Shane Wen, CEO of Hokantan. “We’ve heard a lot of businesses face many challenges in boosting their productivity when managing their tech teams to keep up with their digital initiatives. With flexible developers, businesses can now save more time and resources while streamlining their hiring process to the max. We anticipate that the rapidly advancing market in Singapore will greatly benefit from this system, as we assist them in staying ahead of the dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape, all while helping to reduce overhead costs.”

“With Hokantan’s services, there’s not much difference than the regular hiring; except that the new hires I get from Hokantan now don’t actually eat up my team’s time for onboarding and training. Thanks to their flexibility in allowing us to switch developers as needed for different skill sets, we can experiment and identify the optimal programming languages, frameworks, and architecture for our systems,” said Justin Leo, CEO of Mobius Digital who worked with Hokantan in one of his company’s projects.

Added Shane, “With the coming of AI into our work system nowadays, companies need to adapt to maintain their productivity and tap into new growth avenues. By focusing on flexibility in hiring developers, they can stay ahead in the industry and keep up with the market changes that are ever-evolving.”

This new on-demand hiring model is exclusively available for companies registered in Singapore.

You can learn more about Hokantan at or sign up for their 5-day risk-free free trial at

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