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Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines 2023 Keynote Session: Convergence of Reformative Technologies for Localized Solutions

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines 2023 Keynote Session: Convergence of Reformative Technologies for Localized Solutions

We welcome guests from academe, industry, government, researchers and innovators to join Leave a Nest Philippines’ Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines 2023 with the theme of “Convergence of Reformative Technologies for Localized Solutions”. This will be held at the Benavides Hall of University of Santo Tomas on November 11, 2023 from 9:30AM. Food and refreshments will be served.

On November 11th, Leave a Nest Philippines will have its exciting annual Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines. This conference is dedicated to the coming together of people from different academic disciplines, professions, and sectors of the society to offer their varying expert point of views.  With this, we are thrilled to reveal our Keynote Speaker and esteemed Panelist-Commenters for the Keynote Session titled “Convergence of Reformative Technologies For Localized Solutions.

This captivating keynote session will delve into the heart of the conference theme, exploring transformative technologies to address the distinctive challenges confronting the Philippines. We’ll discuss how knowledge and technologies from across Asia have been, and will be, harnessed to solve our local and unique issues. 

This session holds great appeal for companies, startups and academes eager to harness the power of global technology within the dynamic landscape of the Philippines. It promises to arm them with the essential insights and expertise required to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of introducing and harnessing cutting-edge technology in this vibrant market. In this inspiring session, we aspire to ignite the creativity and ingenuity of Filipinos with the usage of foreign technology, in the hopes of fostering a collective spirit to address and revitalize enduring challenges in the Philippines, for a brighter future. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation!

Keynote Speaker


Engr. Lorilyn P. Daquioag

Waste4Good Founder and CEO

Stamina4Space Maya 3 & Maya 4 Satellite Team Member

Engr. Lorilyn P. Daquioag is a distinguished figure in Philippine space technology, known for her role in developing the brains of the first Philippine university-built satellites, Maya 3 and Maya 4, at the University of the Philippines – Diliman. Her contributions have advanced space technology, making history in Philippine science. In addition to her pioneering work in space technology, Engr. Lorilyn is the founder and CEO of Waste4Good Technologies, a dynamic social enterprise specializing in agri-tech. She addresses food insecurity, championing sustainable waste management, and empowers the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices, benefiting the environment and local communities. Notably, Engr. Lorilyn’s achievements have gained international recognition, as she is set to be featured on NHK-World Japan’s “Asia Insights” program from October 20 to November 20, 2023. This broadcast, reaching 118 countries, further highlights her remarkable contributions and global influence in the fields of technology, innovation, and sustainable development.



Dr. Ria Canlas

Executive Member, National Innovation Council

Director of Center for Innovation, National University

Dr. Ria Liza C. Canlas is a highly accomplished professional with a background in civil engineering, materials engineering, and patent law. She holds multiple degrees, including a doctorate in technology, and has 30 years of experience in innovation and tech startups. Dr. Canlas is known for her work in data-driven research and the creation of the ASEANA system. She is a strong advocate for green construction and is the CEO/Founder-Inventor of Po Lite Technology Inc. She is the Director of the Center for Innovation of National University – Philippines. Also the Intellectual Property Expert of Spruson and Ferguson (Asia) Ltd. Dr. Canlas mentors professionals and students, emphasizing patent commercialization and the protection of Filipino intellectual property. She is a key figure in the field of “Filipinovation” and serves in various professional and civic roles, including as an Executive Member of the National Innovation Council in the Philippines


Engr. Kevin Facun

Senior Consultant

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

Engr. Kevin Ubaldo Facun is an Electronics Engineer by profession. He finished his master’s degree at the University of the Philippines – Diliman specializing in the development of biomedical devices and software at the Innovation and Research Center of the UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute. He then pursued his Master of Intellectual Property and Development Property (MIPD) at the Korea Development Institute – School of Public Policy and Management at Sejong City, South Korea graduating Summa Cum Laude and batch salutatorian. He presently works as a Senior Specialist at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) and he has recently finished his MBA at Quantic – School of Business and Technology which is based in Washington DC.


Mr. Rocell Vicente

Acting Chief, Planning and Project Management Division (PPMD)

Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA)

Mr. Vicente is currently the acting chief of the Philippine Space Agency’s (PhilSA) Planning and Project Management Division (PPMD), leading the provision of centralized and consolidated research administration support services to PhilSA’s technical research bureaus by deploying project managers (PM) to manage the agency’s projects. The PPMD also facilitates the preparation of PhilSA’s budget proposals for the establishment of vital space infrastructure to be submitted to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the Department of Finance for foreign-assisted funding and/or public-private partnerships. Through these efforts, PhilSA was able to secure funding to continue the development of the Multispectral Unit for Land Assessment Satellite (MULA), a sovereign Earth Observation satellite that can capture images to support the periodic updating of land use, agricultural crops, water resources, and built infrastructure maps in the country. Prior to joining PhilSA, Mr. Vicente was previously affiliated with the Department of Science and Technology – Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) where he handled the establishment of the Philippines’ satellite ground stations and facilitated the acquisition of NovaSAR-1, a synthetic aperture radar satellite for augmenting the country’s capabilities in maritime domain awareness.

We’re excited to highlight that the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines 2023 is an on-site event, and the vibrant University of Santo Tomas will serve as our venue. Join us for an immersive and engaging experience that promises to ignite innovation and collaboration right at the heart of this esteemed institution!

For more information, you may find the conference details and read the full article through this link: We also have the registration for Conference Attendees still on-going until November 8, 2023 through this link:

For questions and concerns, please contact the person cited below.

Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc. was founded on March 2021 as part of the Leave a Nest Group and functioning as the 3rd subsidiary in Southeast Asia following Singapore and Malaysia. Leave a Nest Philippines is a social enterprise created by researchers for researchers to leverage science and technology in order to achieve their mission of “Harmonizing Science and Technology Stakeholders for the Empowerment of Filipinos”

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