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Hydrogen Water: 20 Common Questions Unraveled

Hydrogen Water: 20 Common Questions Unraveled


1. Why hydrogen water is a super antioxidant?

Hydrogen molecules in hydrogen water are a superior antioxidant, even better than others like vitamin C and E. The special thing about hydrogen is that it can selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals, which are the most damaging type of reactive oxygen molecules. These radicals are harmful to our cells, but hydrogen molecules can remove these free radicals without causing any side effects. Unlike other antioxidants that are difficult penetrate into body cells because they’re less soluble and blocked by fatty acids. While hydrogen is a tiny diffuse gas, it can easily penetrate into our cells nuclei and mitochondria, and can pass through the blood-brain barrier to protect our brain.

2. Are there any side effects of drinking hydrogen water?

So far, research hasn’t found any side effects from drinking hydrogen water. When you drink it, hydrogen quickly spreads throughout your body. If it comes across any harmful oxygen molecules, it turns into water and gets remove from the body. This natural process does not cause side effects from hydrogen water. The body naturally gets rid of any extra hydrogen by breathing it out. And when hydrogen is in its gas form, it’s completely safe with no reported side effects.

3. Is hydrogen only for treating illness?

No, hydrogen isn’t just for illnesses. It’s great for improving the overall health. Because of the special antioxidant powers, hydrogen helps fight oxidative stress, which is important for maintaining a healthy cell and preventing different health problems. By targeting harmful oxygen molecules, hydrogen support the body metabolism, make the cells to work better, and even protect from various health issues.

4. When was hydrogen’s benefits first discovered?

The earliest account of hydrogen gas having medicinal properties was in 1798, for things like inflammation. But, it didn’t become a popular topic among scientists until 2007, when an article about the benefits of hydrogen was published in the prestigious journal of Nature Medicine by Dr. Ohta’s group.

5. Can hydrogen water help with weight loss?

Some say that hydrogen water activates fat cell burning and reduces fat storage, and hydrogen water is proven to reduce tiredness in athletes. These findings suggest that hydrogen water might be helpful for weight loss.

6. Top three benefits of hydrogen water:

→ Remove harmful toxic ROS (free radicals)

→ Improve energy metabolism in the body

→ Reducing inflammation

7. Is hydrogen approved by scientific studies?

Researchers have been studying hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant since 2007. It’s impressive that over 1800 articles about hydrogen water have been published.

8. Can hydrogen help with cancer?

Studies suggest that hydrogen might have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, hydrogen could be used alongside cancer treatments. During the cancer treatment, the body produces small amounts of harmful oxygen molecules. Drinking hydrogen water can reduce these harmful molecules, prevent/relieve the adverse effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy without compromise their anti-cancer potential. So, combining hydrogen with treatment might make it more effective.

9. How does hydrogen water work in the body?

Hydrogen has the unique capability of entering every cell in the body, and even the nucleus and mitochondia within the cell. Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that can penetrate into all your organs, including the brain, and provide lots of health benefits.

Hydrogen water affects various pathways, such as:

– Decreasing inflammatory cytokines

– Weakening cancer-causing genes

– Increasing the activity of cancer fighting genes

– Reducing the activity of inflammation-related genes

– Boosting energy metabolism

10. Does hydrogen gas have a taste?

Hydrogen gas will not affect the taste of one’s water. Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. In most instances, people would not know they were drinking hydrogen-rich water unless they were told ahead time. Although hydrogen gas does appear to add a smooth or silky texture to water, making hydrogen rich water enjoyable to drink.

11. Is hydrogen water absorbed when you drink it?

Absolutely. When you drink hydrogen water, it quickly diffuse into all over your body in about 10 minutes. Some of the hydrogen turns into gas and comes out when you breathe. Because it can spread so easily, hydrogen water reaches every part of your body, including your organs and blood vessels.

12. How long and how much hydrogen water to drink?

People often mention positive changes after drinking hydrogen water for about 2 months, but it can vary from person to person. You can drink as much hydrogen water as you like because it doesn’t build up in your body and has no side effects, even in large amounts.

13. Is heating hydrogen safe?

Hydrogen fully evaporates when boiled. Hydrogen easily escapes at high temperatures compared to other gases.

14. Bathing with hydrogen-dissolved water?

Now, you can enjoy hydrogen baths with magnesium-based hydrogen bath foams. Just add them to your bathtub, and soak for about 7 minutes. This can promote blood circulation and inner warmth. Research suggests it’s effective for arteriosclerosis and can normalize blood pressure for those with certain blood cell conditions. Keep the bath temperature comfortable, avoid excessive sweating, and drink water afterward.

15. Is hydrogen water safe for babies?

Yes, it’s safe, but give babies a little warm hydrogen water to avoid stomach discomfort. You can also use a hydrogen water-soaked cotton towel for them when the babies are feeling hot, sweaty, or have diaper rash.

16. Is hydrogen water good for pets like dogs and cats?

Yes, it’s beneficial for dogs and cats as their bodies have lots of free radicals. Hydrogen water can help improve their health. Cats can get benefit from hydrogen water, especially if they have kidney issues. Even though cats don’t like drinking much water, they often prefer hydrogen water over regular water.

17. Can hydrogen-dissolved water help with Freckles and Wrinkles?

Yes, it can. Freckles and wrinkles are caused by harmful free radicals that damage the skin and make the skin get aging faster. Hydrogen helps prevent and slow down the aging process, which can reduce the appearance of freckles and wrinkles, making your skin look better.

18. Can hydrogen water help with metabolic syndrome?

Yes, it can. Hydrogen water acts as an antioxidant for improving your health. It supports cellular health and helps your body burn fat. This makes it especially helpful for people with metabolic syndrome, as it can address issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arteriosclerosis. Clinical trials have shown it can even lower cholesterol levels, making it a valuable tool for improving your overall health.

19. Can hydrogen water benefit exercise recovery?

Yes. Hydrogen-dissolved water is known to reduce muscle fatigue after physical activities, The muscle fatigue happened due to the harmful free radicals accumulate in the muscle tissue and hydrogen molecules help to remove these free radicals. Because of the antioxidant properties, hydrogen water can be helpful both before and after jogging or other workouts.

20. Can hydrogen-dissolved water explode?

The concentration of hydrogen maintained in water is not high enough to explode.

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