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Ensuring that Shelter Lives Up to its Name with Malaysian Technology: MYCRS

The Malaysian tech team – MYCRS, known for their pivotal role in addressing the concrete test fraud issue in the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge Mega Project, has returned home to launch their startup. Their objective is to assist Malaysian authorities and industries in advancing domestic quality justice through enhanced transparency and traceability.

The team behind the cutting-edge concrete technology, MyCRS, revolutionizing the industry

In today’s world, homes play a vital role in the lives of
individuals. Purchasing a home often represents a significant investment of a
lifetime’s savings and embodies the dreams of many families. However, ensuring
the quality of homes during construction, minimizing safety risks, and
protecting consumer rights are crucial considerations. A robust quality control
system is essential in achieving these objectives.

MYCRS, a Malaysian technology startup, leverages IoT and
RFID-supported tools to address a critical issue in the global construction
industry—ensuring concrete quality. In previous construction projects,
concrete, as a fundamental building material, has often been overlooked during
the testing process, hidden behind interior decorations. This lack of
transparency has allowed unscrupulous individuals to deceive the public and
homebuyers, falsely assuring them of the safety of their homes.

MYCRS addresses this challenge by tracking each cement
sample’s journey from liquid to solid state and monitoring the entire
engineering testing process using RFID tracking chips. Through scanning,
testing, and monitoring, MYCRS compiles captured readings into engineering data
compliant with British Standards, providing users with accurate, tamper-proof,
and error-free outputs. This not only enhances testing efficiency but also
provides vital evidence for post-engineering liability tracing.

Initially developed for the Hong Kong railway and Hong
Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge projects, MYCRS has expanded its reach to cover all
major construction projects in Hong Kong and has been adopted by the Singapore
government for Housing Development Board (HDB) construction. It is the world’s
first and only technology solution provider validated by the official
engineering departments of two regions for its practicality, quality, and

Over the past five years, MYCRS has remained
committed to safeguarding the lives and assets of millions of consumers oversea,. Now,
it aims to promote and innovate its technology back in Malaysia & Southeast Asia,
supporting regulatory agencies in enhancing concrete testing supervision and
ensuring the stability of every home for homebuyers. MYCRS is poised to
contribute to the realization of the Industry 4.0 vision for the concrete and
construction industries.

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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