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Empowering SMEs: GoFluence Refines the Game with Unprecedented Influencer Marketing Standards.

GoFluence, a tech leader, is changing influencer marketing by focusing on authenticity. Recognised for innovation, it’s setting new standards.

Innovation and Influence: Since 2018, GoFluence has been reshaping influencer marketing in South East Asia, winning awards for its growth.

Using Tech Smartly: GoFluence uses advanced technology to connect influencers and brands genuinely, making collaborations more meaningful.

Boosting Trust: GoFluence helps small businesses connect with real influencers, boosting trust in their brands.

Everyone Can Make a Difference: GoFluence’s CEO, Same Tham, wants everyone to have a voice and make a digital impact.

GoFluence’s authentic approach is changing the game in influencer marketing, making it more effective and trustworthy.


GoFluence Sets the Benchmark in Influencer Marketing, Fuelling SME Growth


Navigating Tomorrow: A New Paradigm for Influencer Marketing

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, the emergence of user review marketing as a pivotal strategy for brand engagement marks a significant shift toward authenticity and consumer trust. At the forefront of this transformative movement stands GoFluence, a visionary technology company that has boldly redefined the essence of influencer partnerships.

Innovation Meets Influence: GoFluence’s Award-Winning Journey

Founded in 2018 as Malaysia’s pioneer influencer marketing platform, GoFluence has dramatically evolved through strategic rebranding and expansion across the Asia Pacific, aiming to redefine the influencer marketing landscape with a focus on authenticity and meaningful collaborations. Emphasising its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, GoFluence has been honoured with the Sustainable Development Award for SDG Goal No. 9, recognising its efforts in fostering economic growth and innovation. This accolade underlines GoFluence’s mission to empower SMEs and influencers, creating a more inclusive and impactful digital marketing ecosystem.

Revolutionising Influencer Marketing with Cutting-edge Technology

GoFluence has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge automation and machine learning technologies to streamline the process of influencer marketing. This technological prowess facilitates the creation of genuine connections between influencers and brands, ensuring that collaborations are not just transactions, but meaningful partnerships that resonate with audiences. As GoFluence extends its reach into the Asia Pacific market, it brings a unique blend of local expertise and global innovation, setting new standards for the influencer marketing industry.

The Significance of User Review Marketing in Today’s Digital Age

In a landscape saturated with traditional advertising, user review marketing emerges as a beacon of authenticity. Consumers increasingly value genuine reviews from their peers over sponsored content, making user-generated endorsements a powerful tool for brands to build trust and credibility. GoFluence, with its advanced platform, empowers SMEs to leverage this trend by connecting them with authentic influencers who genuinely resonate with their brand’s values and mission.

Influencing as One: The Power of Everyone as Influencers

“As we step forward with GoFluence, we’re tapping into something timeless— word-of-mouth marketing, the oldest way to spread the word, now powered by technology. Everyone has the potential to influence. GoFluence is built on this simple but powerful idea. It’s more than a platform; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates the impact of everyday conversations turned digital. Through GoFluence, we’re not just connecting brands with influencers; we’re empowering everyone to share their voice, make an impact, and truly influence. This is what we stand for—making everyone an influencer, rooted in the oldest form of trust: a recommendation from one person to another.” – Same Tham, Founder & CEO, GoFluence

‘Sustainable Marketing is people telling people about the brand simply because they love it’


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