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Empowering Filipino Entrepreneurs: MOD Factory Spearheads Print-on-Demand Ecommerce Revolution in the Philippines

the Philippine e-commerce market poised to soar to $24 billion by 2025, the
sector is ripe with opportunities, boasting an impressive annual growth rate of
17%. This growth opens doors for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to carve out
their space in the e-commerce domain. Yet, the journey is fraught with
challenges, notably the constraints of capital and the daunting intricacies of
e-commerce operations.

The MOD Factory process

Enter MOD Factory,
a game-changer in the e-commerce landscape, designed to dismantle these
barriers. This innovative print-on-demand platform is the beacon for
entrepreneurs aspiring to launch their clothing brands, minus the traditional
hurdles of inventory management and substantial upfront investment. MOD Factory
revolutionizes the start-up process, allowing entrepreneurs to pay for products
only upon sale, thereby significantly mitigating financial risks.

Beyond facilitating
product creation, MOD Factory stands out by demystifying the e-commerce
ecosystem for its users. Through comprehensive educational resources, it equips
entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools essential for success in this
competitive space. While MOD Factory’s services are subscription-based, the
potential for swift revenue generation makes it an attractive and viable option
for budding business owners.

Frenzo Cabasag, the
visionary behind MOD Factory, articulates the platform’s ambitious goal:
“Our mission is to empower one million Filipino entrepreneurs to forge
their unique brands and achieve e-commerce excellence.” This vision is
already materializing, as evidenced by the success stories emerging from the
platform. Notably, Sticky Co Clothing, a brand that commenced its journey with
MOD, has witnessed exponential growth, with revenues reaching millions of pesos
in its inaugural year.

Sticky co clothing sales screenshot

As MOD Factory
continues to expand its footprint in the Philippine e-commerce industry, it is
poised to become an indispensable ally for individuals and enterprises aiming
to thrive in the digital marketplace.

For an in-depth
exploration of MOD Factory’s transformative print-on-demand solutions and how
they’re reshaping the e-commerce landscape in the Philippines, visit

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