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Emerge Empowers Businesses with Content and Influencer Marketing Masterclass

EmergeLocal Inc. (Emerge) empowered businesses and individuals to leverage content and influencer marketing strategies at its second “Unwrap Your Potential” masterclass event, held with JG Worldwide on April 19, 2024. The event, titled “From Blah to Bam! Content and Influencer Marketing Workshop,” provided attendees with hands-on experience in crafting impactful content and influencer marketing campaigns.

Sharing Insights and Expertise

The workshop featured presentations from JG Worldwide co-founders Vinze Montero and Gian Eduard. Mr. Montero’s “Brand Pop: Cultural Impact on Content Creation” session explored leveraging cultural trends for content strategy. Mr. Eduard followed with “Adsthetic: The Art of Creating Content,” focusing on the visual aspects of impactful content.

From left to right, Mr. Vinze Montero of JG Worldwide, Mr. Gian Eduard of JG Worldwide, and Director Jim Merino of EmergeLocal

Emerge’s Director of Marketing and Client Services, Jim Merino, concluded the workshop with “The Ten Commandments of Content and Influencer Marketing,” outlining a framework for successful content marketing campaigns.

“Part of the omnichannel marketing approach is getting to your customers’ heads wherever they are on the internet,” said Director Merino. “Leveraging and elevating content with different aspects like the aesthetic, the core message, and use of influential personalities can all contribute to achieving your business goals,” he added.

Putting Knowledge into Action

Participants actively engaged in the workshop, creating content based on the experts’ insights. Each group presented their work, and participants received valuable feedback and advice for improvement.

Attendees of From Blah to Bam! Content and Influencer Marketing Workshop

Director Jim Merino added, “We hope the participants will go home, sleep on it, go to work, and finally think, “Oh, so this is why I joined that masterclass.” Because it was something they needed.”

Expanding the Reach of Unwrap Your Potential

This workshop marks the second event in Emerge’s ongoing “Unwrap Your Potential” campaign, designed to empower businesses and individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital landscape.

“Building on the impactful results of the initial Unwrap Your Potential Masterclass series, Emerge is expanding the program to reach businesses across the country,” said Emerge Co-Founder Carissa Noromor. “This national expansion reflects our dedication to empowering a wider audience and fostering digital growth.”

For more information about Emerge and its award-winning digital marketing solutions, you may reach their Revenue Operations team at Discover how Emerge can elevate your business’s digital presence.

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