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Create Seamless Business Automation with MiiTel Integration via Zapier


Jakarta, April 19, 2024 – RevComm, a pioneer in AI-based VoIP services with its products MiiTel and MiiTel Meetings, has formed a strategic partnership with Zapier Inc., a leading developer of business automation tools based in the United States.

This collaboration empowers users of MiiTel and MiiTel Meetings to seamlessly integrate with various other applications through Zapier, to facilitate business automation processes.

Zapier is a business workflow automation tool that enables integration of multiple web applications and optimizes routine tasks in daily activities without programming complexity. Integration via Zapier is possible with over 6000 apps, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, Chatwork, and Microsoft Teams.

Creating application integrations in Zapier for business automation is quite simple. Users only need to create a ‘Zap,’ an automated workflow that connects the applications and services they want to use. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When a Zap is activated, it will execute those actions every time a trigger occurs.


As flagship solutions from RevComm, MiiTel and MiiTel Meetings can be integrated with various services, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Kintone, Zoho CRM, and Slack. The integration of MiiTel with various other applications through Zapier supports the automation of various business processes from several triggers that occur in MiiTel, such as:

1. When a new voicemail is recorded
2. When unanswered incoming call has registered
3. When Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number is pressed
4. When speech recognition of MiiTel is completed
5. When minutes of MiiTel phone and meeting are generated
6. When comments of MiiTel phone and meeting are generated
7. When call and meeting memos are attached

Examples of integration that MiiTel users can do through Zapier

1. Notifying various chat apps when a comment is added to call or meeting history, facilitating quick customer follow-up.

2. Linking meeting minutes generated by MiiTel to other applications for expedited review and utilization.

3. Automatically sending meeting minutes to CRM or chat applications.

4. Creating tickets for new incoming unanswered calls from MiiTel.

5. Saving transcriptions as documents in Google Drive upon completion of phone conversations and meetings analysis in MiiTel.

By connecting data generated by MiiTel and MiiTel Meetings to various services, businesses can streamline workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

In line with RevComm’s mission of ‘Reinventing communication and creating a society where people think of others,’ we continue to enhance the value provided by MiiTel, contributing to improved productivity.

MiiTel is currently available in Japan, the United States, and Indonesia. Claim your Free Demo of MiiTel now at Limited quota available!


This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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