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Corpstage announces the grand launch of CORPSTAGE, an all-in-one ESG platform!

Corpstage, a trailblazing force in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions, is thrilled to announce the grand launch of its innovative platform. This launch marks the dawn of a new era in sustainability, as Corpstage introduces a 360-degree ecosystem for ESG, catering to a diverse range of stakeholders.

Corpstage’s ESG platform offers a multitude of opportunities for individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations to embark on their sustainability journey and elevate their ESG performance. The platform’s early bird launch invites forward-thinking individuals and organizations to join the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Early Bird Subscription with a Green Touch

One unique aspect of Corpstage’s early bird launch is its commitment to environmental stewardship. For the first 100 subscribers, access to the service provider (lister) plan is available at an exclusive rate of only USD 10 for a quarter. What sets this offer apart is that the proceeds from these early bird subscriptions will be dedicated to planting trees in the name of each subscriber, making a tangible contribution to a greener planet.

A 360-Degree Ecosystem for ESG

Corpstage’s platform is designed to provide a holistic approach to ESG. It caters to different segments of the market, ensuring that everyone has the tools and resources to contribute to sustainability:

Large Corporates: Elevate Your ESG JourneyCorpstage empowers large corporations to navigate their ESG initiatives effortlessly. The platform facilitates alignment with esteemed global frameworks like CDP, TCFD, and ISSB, enabling businesses to maximize their sustainability impact.

Mid and Small Scale: Accessible Sustainability SolutionsCorpstage understands the importance of sustainability for SMEs. Its automated, user-friendly assessment tools offer practical pathways for SMEs to embark on and progress along their ESG journey.

Sustainable Startups: Celebrating Sustainable InnovatorsCorpstage celebrates and supports sustainable startups by offering effective tools to implement and advance their sustainable strategies. This fosters trust among customers and investors, driving business growth.

Individuals: Join the Sustainable MovementCorpstage invites individuals to actively participate in sustainability challenges, competitions, and collaborative initiatives. The platform provides a vast listing of sustainable products, services, jobs, events, and courses, empowering individuals to make a positive impact.

Platform Features

Corpstage’s platform is a fully integrated system that helps businesses measure, manage, and report their ESG obligations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and tracking GHG emissions and other ESG-related information. Key features include:

Defining and implementing sustainability initiatives.Developing Carbon and ESG strategies.Calculating carbon footprints and managing GHG emissions.Engaging with all stakeholders.Enabling GRI, CDP, TCFD, and ISSB reporting.Incentivizing sustainable initiatives.

The platform also extends its reach to individuals and small businesses, allowing them to contribute to sustainability initiatives worldwide. Users can explore sustainable companies, contribute to sustainability efforts, access marketplace listings for sustainable products and services, connect with global leaders, and launch sustainability challenges and competitions.

Corpstage’s ultimate goal is to foster a community dedicated to sustainability, offering a one-stop solution for knowledge expansion, sustainable products, service providers, consultants, auditors, and more.

Corpstage’s Vision and Leadership

Dr. Nisha, Founder & CEO of Corpstage, brings over 23 years of experience in the field, with 14 years dedicated to ESG. She is a dynamic individual who has received accolades such as the ICGN Scholar Award in 2008. Her extensive expertise is complemented by co-founder Ashit Padhi, who boasts over 25 years of tech experience.

Corpstage utilizes SBTi tools and GHG calculators to provide carbon footprinting and product LCA services. It assists corporates in implementing carbon mitigation strategies, developing project initiatives, KPIs, and targets. The subscription-based software platform enables monitoring and tracking of initiatives.

With the grand launch of Corpstage, the world now has a powerful ally in the pursuit of sustainable excellence. This innovative platform promises to redefine the landscape of ESG practices and inspire individuals and organizations to be stewards rather than just followers of sustainability.

For more information about Corpstage and to explore the platform, please visit Corpstage ESG Platform.

Corpstage is a pioneering ESG solutions provider committed to fostering sustainability and environmental stewardship. With a comprehensive ecosystem for ESG, Corpstage empowers individuals and organizations to excel in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance practices. Their platform offers a range of tools and resources tailored to the needs of large corporates, SMEs, sustainable startups, and individuals, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to sustainability efforts. Corpstage is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for all.

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