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BUTLER Launches SUPERBOAT Mart to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience for Boats and Yachts Owners

BUTLER, a leader in hospitality and lifestyle solutions, is excited to announce the launch of SUPERBOAT MART, an innovative initiative aimed at transforming the boating and yachting scene in Singapore and the region. SUPERBOAT MART is a comprehensive e-commerce platform designed to offer a seamless shopping experience for marine supplies, setting a new standard in the industry.

The launch of SUPERBOAT MART marks a significant step towards making boating more accessible and affordable. The platform goes beyond being just an online store; it serves as a holistic resource for boat and yacht owners, complete with instructional tutorial videos on installation and service, akin to the IKEA model but specifically tailored for the marine industry.

“Purchasing and maintaining marine equipment, boats, and yachts can be challenging without support. SUPERBOAT MART is designed to simplify this process and empower boat and yacht owners with the knowledge and tools they need for an enjoyable boating experience, and bring greater transparency to an industry that has been opaque” said Poon Da Qian, CEO of BUTLER. “Having learned through my own experience since purchasing a boat in 2018, I understand the importance of owners acquiring the necessary knowledge in the boat and yacht they own, and the basic safety education on maintaining their boats, yachts and engines. SUPERBOAT MART is here to make boating more education, knowledgable, and accessible for everyone.”

This initiative is part of BUTLER’s ongoing commitment to fostering the boating lifestyle in Singapore and the region. By offering quality and accessible solutions, BUTLER aims to encourage more people to explore the joys of boating and yachting, thus contributing to the growth of the marine industry.

Superboat Mart is now offering a launch promotion of 10% off storewide with free delivery for purchases made. Visit now at

This press release has also been published on VRITIMES

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